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Friday, 19 February 2016

Reinforcements are on the way Sire!

Marauder HQ has seen a few weeks of smaller games since the last post, three Bolt Action and two very small General de Brigade games - only six units per side. None of these were photographically satisfying so not much evidence remains! Instead I have some pictures from Barry Hill of his latest batch for me, these are packed and in transit so I'm excited about this lot arriving soon from the Philippines. Here goes...  

Fifty shades of gray.
French 3rd hussars in splendid silver gray, red piping & plumes - super sexy.

Note the officer's red boots and silver piping. Note also the elite company trooper lurking in the background.

Rear shot of the bugler and standard bearer.

The regiment is 24 strong, 4 squadrons of six.troopers.
Rich's treacherous departure from the Marauders removed his collection from Marauder use, much of this has been made up since but French light cavalry and dragoons were a bit scarce so this order helps to balance the account a little. Rich is doing well, working hard in his new job, drinking harder and hopefully settling in nicely. Happy Birthday mate!

Here be Dragoons!
One of two regiments of 32 dragoons arriving soon.

I elected to depict the elite company in bearskins, mostly for the look of it to be honest - I love them.

Lovely rear shot of the command group showing some fine detail on these Perry plastics. 
Similar rear shot of the next dragoon regiment this time with pink facings.

Front shot of the above, Pretty in Pink? 
A whole regiment of dismounted Perry French dragoons. These aren't mine but are soon available for sale from Barry Hill on ebay so keep your eyes peeled.  

These look lovely. Perry plastic sculpts again.

A brilliant mounted officer - to cool to dismount a take pot shots with a carbine!

Obligatory rear shot - facings this time in orange.
These are Hungarian or Czech insurrection troops for my Austrian army, I'll check out which regiment they are as I forget, possibly von Riess?

Lovely banner pole and sapper, these will make for something different amongst the acres of  white in the Austrian army.

Rear of the above.
 And now for something completely different...
Perry plastic Wars of the Roses Men-at-arms.
Old school heavy metal!

I sent these to Barry and forgot to offer them as part payment for the Napoleonics, he duly painted them so I either use them or sell them, there's only 36 I suppose but a costly mistake!  
More completely different!
ECW or TYW regiment of foote! This is a another unexpected return, I have already found them a home in exchange for further painted goodies - phew, costly mistake otherwise.  

These are Warlord Miniatures and mighty fine they look - I just can't get distracted by another big project so they must go.
So that's it, when these arrive I'll send more Poles and some other tasty morsels for painting. Tony L and Alan Tuckey of Blue Turkey have similar schedules so there is as yet no let up in the Napoleonic collection. One small piece of breaking news though - I built a model - yep a Tamiya 1/48th armoured car for my Bolt Action Brits and I've ordered some more bits too, I'll enjoy building and painting these, yes painting!

In other news we set up the table on Thursday for our next big Napoleonic game - Bautzen 1813.
I like to think of it as a pounding in the ponds. This will be an "inspired by" game as opposed to strict refight. Call back for more.

Best wishes, Jeremy      


  1. Nice figures. You've inspired me to do some insurrection troops of my own.

  2. Good man! It's a great way to get big units of rubbish onto the table and something a bit different too, really happy to have inspired you David. Best wishes, JJ

  3. Replies
    1. They are stunning Rodger, Daddy Hill's boys can paint toys rather nicely!

  4. Great looking minis, beautiful details on them!

    1. Cheers Phil, I wish I could take the credit but not my work.
      Have a great weekend, JJ

  5. Lovely additions nether-the-less :-)

    1. You're right Stephen, and I don't have to paint anything! I do miss it though, very therapeutic.

  6. Overly additions to the collection!

    1. "Overly" you say! I like that! Cheers Paul.

  7. That's some fantastic bits of kit you've got there - most impressive!

  8. Thanks Mr Stryker, they need to a bit more glossy to suit our mutual tastes I suspect.