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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Command stands/advert for GMB flags!

Another short update. My new toys are progressing at a snails pace. I finally located a tin if Humbrol Gloss Varnish that actually makes toys glossy not Matt, how they got these products mixed up I'll never know.
GMB Designs sent me a few sheets of flags for these & some other new arrivals. They are extraordinary in my opinion as these three pictures amply demonstrate.
Next step basing, Chris help!

The Gordons.
Believed to be painted by Barry Hill! 

The Black Watch.
Believed to be painted by Barry Hill!

Bavarian Light Infantry painted by Tony Laughton.
(Mine have flags, history be damned!) 
These are one step nearer action. I could never be find the time to paint flags like these & certainly don't possess the eyesight or skills anymore, GMB come highly recommended by me.

The basing table is pretty full so watch this space, but don't hold your breath as I may take a while to get this lot sorted.

Best wishes,