Welcome to Marauder Moments - a chronicle of the Mortimer Street Marauders; the games we play, the rules we use, the figures we play with and the scenery they fight over. Hope you enjoy these pages and maybe call back to catch up with our escapades.


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this is where I plan to share piccies of toys and games which aren't really part of any particular post but I feel you might like to see anyway. Comments welcome as ever,
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Some shots of French cavalry, staff and artillery I found for you.

These are mostly Rich's so expect kit bashed plastics and manic basing. For the most part they are painted by Barry Hill - I love the riders but some of the horses look a bit dodgy

French chasseurs a cheval.

French light cavalry.

French dragoons.

French dragoons.

French heavy cavalry colliding!

French light wheeling.

French lights.

Horse artillery keeping up with the light cavalry brigade.
Front Rank limber.

Perry French foot battery - real characters.

More horse artillery from Front Rank.
Saxon Horse artillery with heavy cavalry. This is an old shot but I love it so reused it here! 

Anoter older shot - Front Rank General and staff.

Same grouping - different angle.
Perry Pender paint job - JJ basing.

Two shots of Perry French officers taken in game at various stages, usually exhorting regiments to charge or rally! Too often the latter sadly.
"We counted them out... 

...and we counted them back."

Superb shot of Perry French officers watching the movement of allied troops during a game.
For me everything works here, even the slightly out of focus and odd colour does it for me.
Painted by Barry Hill, based by me.

Rich's Brits take on my French under Tony.

No report but some good action shots and nice close-ups of Rich's Brits who rarely get an outing which is a shame - although I have plans to remedy this in early August...

Click to enlarge as usual. Enjoy;-

Rich's Brits in firing line, Victrix with cloth flags which he likes

Close up of the above, gutsy and amazing basing in my view

Royal Foot Artillery, Victrix again.

Behind the French front line, Cuirassiers at rest in reserve

Neuchatel battalion beside Swiss, Perry's from my collection 

Legere march to the sound of the guns, Perry toys, pretty scene

"The salt of the earth."

Red on Red.

Perry French foot artillery from my collection. 

Rich's Front Rank British Light Dragoons.

The closing stages.

Foundry Bavarians from my collection - superb.

British reinforcements rush to the flank - very busy atmospheric shot

French pressure on the British Right.

Stemming the tide, just about.

Steady lads.
Great shots of a great game of General de Brigade. We used this battlefield three or four times with varying scenarios - all of them very different and very challenging. This was one of our 20/20 games, approaching the  maximum kit for four of us to conclude in a relaxed evenings play. Hope you enjoyed this first gallery post, please feel free to comment and return again. Not everything will be Napoleonic so keep an eye open.

Have fun, JJ