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Friday, 23 June 2017

Old Guard foot & mighty Guard Grand Battery.

Two Old Guard regiments and Guard Grand Battery.

These two forty strong regiments will head up my new Imperial Guard. The Regiments don't need an introduction I hope but the miniatures may. These are the Elite Miniatures Collectors Range in a suitably heroic and statuesque 30mm. I have four Middle Guard also by Elite which will be upgraded in time to the Collectors Range too. Painting is by Tony Laughton, nearly finished basing them, flags by GMB.

Sister regiments on the march.
So why this range? Firstly I really like the figures, yes they are somewhat old fashioned, a little gorky or goofy but that appeals in a weird way to me! They seem a little more "Imperial" than the Warlord or Perry ones who are in greatcoats - no good to me - I want full dress please. Front Rank do some lovely models but I found their OG a bit wooden. Foundry do a lovely range but they're mere children beside modern 28's. Even the ordinary Elite range didn't inspire but these did and that's all that counts. In future I might add Italian and Dutch Guards too. 

Below are some shots of the above supporting my Old Guard Grand Battery comprising four batteries, 2 foot & 2 horse; 14 pieces in total! 

Crews painted by Barry Hill, guns by Blue Turkey except the right hand battery which is by Pete Morbey of Elite Minis. 

I still need to dry brush the bases & touch up some travel damage. 


"Witness the power of this fully operational battle station!"
A different Emperor in a galaxy far, far away.

Another post from me, is that three this month? Maybe I'm getting back into this? We have started a new game, a big game. It's a fictitious encounter set in 1812 on the road to Borodino, the pre game maneuvering has been done, deployment set, fiendish plans arrived at and we have played the first turn or two. I'll try do an initial post within the next week. Hope you enjoy these new additions and get to see them on the table top soon.

Best wishes for the coming weekend,