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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Wankow Klein Wiess - Polish German border 1813

Hi all,
I've been absent from you good people for too long.

So what have we been up to? We are amassing a new Napoleonic collection, much of it is with the painters, the first batch is back and looks superb. Once we have enough based and flagged up we'll christian the armies on the all new table top too, hopefully by the end of the year. Until then we are not going play much Napoleonics at all. We are presently enjoying a second childhood by playing lots of the new 8th Edition 40k - I know - buts it's great fun & pure nostalgia. You'll be spared any posts.
In short we'll back bigger and better than ever, we just need to find a few more thousand pounds. 

This is an unpublished & uncaptioned report from many years ago. Veterans will recognise the table set up from a few other games which were reported.

Hopefully this scratches an itch for a while.

Best wishes,