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Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Baron Ott's Austrian Hussars

By means of an update I present my biggest cavalry regiment to date, Baron Ott's Austrian hussars. These are Elite Miniatures painted by Tony Laughton. The officer and bugler of the first squadron are on Foremost horses from the old Hinchcliffe range now available from Hinds Miniatures.

Here you go...

36 strong cavalry regiment, possibly unwieldy but impressive nonetheless.  

Regimental officer and first squadron bugler on Foremost horses, I love the rearing one especially. 

Another parting shot of these, I'm very happy with them and plan to expand my Austrian uhlans to 36 models too, infact the models are with the venerable Tony Laughton right now! 
So I am back in Devon after the "season" in our industry has quietened off. I have a pile of books to read, mostly Napoleonic naval plus Oman's history of the Peninsular war which I am increasingly attracted to for smaller possibly more detailed games. This is mostly down to Elite Miniatures range and the evident enthusiasm of the other wargaming  JJ out there in the ether!

With some effort on my behalf I will post a lot of new units over the summer and some shots of the six month 100 days campaign we played.

The future looks fun as we playtest some rule amends to General de Brigade and we have started a Maurice campaign which I find electrifying. There is a secret project looming for a big reveal too. Tony Laughton ran through a game of Longstreet which I found engrossing to the point that I'll gladly play it but can't see myself buying an army, a Maurice army is a distinct possibility though.

Hope everyone out there is thriving and prospering? Very best wishes for a splendid summer, JJ