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Monday, 19 December 2016

Starkenberg Tegkwitz 1813 - finale

We returned to this one expecting to play for a few more weeks, it was not to be so!

This post is picture heavy over text as the battle concluded pretty swiftly if in fairly unspectacular fashion! These things happen sometimes.

Action on the Austrian right, the skirmishers have withdrawn to let the masses sort it out.
Supporting battery by Elite Miniatures.  

Tony Laughton looking pensive & cold! He's on the mend, a bit...

Nearer the centre the Austrian advance Guard give the Poles a bloody nose. 

Behind the above position more troops move up in support with a 12lb position battery getting ready.  

On the Austrian left these light horse surge forward into a French horse battery... and bounce.
One of the joys of play testing rules is coming across these weird situations & seeing them rectified by the designers.  

On the Austrian extreme left yet another brigade moves up.

Another Austrian battery this time in the centre firing against Saxons.

The action see-sawed outside Tegkwitz.  

Supports behind the Austrian centre. 

The Poles are repelled allowing the Austrian to consolidate their grip on Starkenberg.

The disgraced Austrian hussars retire to lick their wounds behind the lines, maybe the uhlans will fair better. 

In the Austrian rear the first of two brigades of Grenadiers arrive.

Then a second arrives with the artillery reserve.

The Austrian centre is getting stronger. 

These Jaeger form line to repel one last charge by the Poles.

Both sides reform on the right for round 2!

More supports for the Austrian centre.

This shows the gap between Starkenberg & Tegkwitz both firmly in Austrian hands & well supported. 

This Austrian brigade to the left of Tegkwitz took a bruising but ultimately forced the attacking Saxons to retreat. 

The aforementioned Saxons in disarray.  

The Uhlans manage to run down the offending upstart French horse battery and face off against the French 9th Hussars.

Austrian & Westphalian brigades hide behind a small hill to avoid trouble. 

Saxon foot battery vignette, it's always a pleasure to this one on the table.
Created by Russian Tony on a whim! 

Saxons & 2nd class French line retiring...

The last objective in French hands is this hill and everyone knows you can't hold ground with cavalry.

French 3rd Hussars in their distinctive silver gray uniforms.
The French attacks had all been rebuffed to the extent that their whole front was effectively in retreat or in the wrong place! The Austrians held two objectives & were contesting the third. They also held far more reserves. The French still had the Old & Middle Guard plus a brigade each of heavy cavalry & infantry but they were on deep reserve miles back. The Emperor decided against reinforcing a failing attack and instead retired.

The rules, General d'Armee, delivered a big game which banged along at a fair old pace; we set up, played & broke this one down in two evenings! Things happen in these rules, you get results which feel right and look right. Other than the cavalry bouncing off the horse battery I don't recall any glitches although I'm sure greater minds than mine are developing these before they go to print sometime next year. In short this means more big games played per year.

Next up is a festive slaughter in the snow on our winter table which you've never seen before!
Until now...

Sneak preview - Chris looking chilly in the snow! 

Best wishes,



Monday, 28 November 2016

Starkenberg Tegkwitz - 1813

The Marauders trip to the Wargames Holiday Centre has fired our enthusiasm for big games & the General d'Armee rules. We've decided we need more toys, more trees & more roads so they are on the Christmas shopping list and next years few shows we'll visit. Funnily enough I am going to sell some bits too if I can sort myself out on ebay again.

Deployment & tour of the field.

View across the field looking south east from the Austrian rear.

Our 1813 battle is set in Saxony, south of Liepzig at Starkenberg & the nearby village of Tegkwitz, it is entirely fictional! The Emperor of France confronts the Army of Bohemia; basically our whole Austrian collection is pitted against a comparable French force. There are three objectives to contest by capturing & holding them. Firstly, the town of Starkenberg in the centre, the village of Tegkwitz nearer the Austrian lines. The third objective is a hill south east of Starkenberg closer to the French lines. Other than the objectives a win will need to be earned by body count & strategic position.        

The French front lines & reserves.

Looking from the French right almost due west. That's Starkenberg with the tower in the centre.   

The Austrian lines. Chris elected to lead with light cavalry, the Advance Guard & an infantry brigade, the rest is is reserve.   

The Austrian 2nd line & reserves. The Grenadiers are still arriving.

The Grenadiers will fill this eventually fill this space, I think there are nine battalions of them.

Deployed in depth, brigades of infantry, light cavalry and heavies at the back.  

Two Austrian cavalry brigades await their time.

Austrian heavy cavalry, 2 x 24 Cuirassiers, 1 x 24 Dragoons, Elite Miniatures.

Austrian light cavalry advance on favorable ground, 36 Hussars & 36 Uhlans, Elite Miniatures.

We need some Austrian limber teams but it seems so far down the list it may never happen. 

Grenz from the Advance Guard move up.  

Lead elements on the Austrian right under my command approach the outskirts of Tegkwitz.


Tegkwitz is occupied, now I just need to hang on to it!!! 

Civilians head for the dubious sanctuary of the church...
The roof is a bit too dusty for my liking!

A walled farm house with formal gardens, quite a prized piece of real estate I should  think. 

Gunners water their horses.

Hessen Homberg Hussars, Stipzics Hussars & Uhlans who's name escapes me right now.  

Starkenberg about to be hotly contested.  

Grenzers & LDW attacking, not the best kit to assault with! 

Saxon infantry with a French light cavalry brigade in support clashes with Austrian infantry just east of Starkenberg. 

Lead elements of both opposing brigades about to enter Starkenberg. 

Light cavalry melee, the Austrians are driven off by a concerted French counter charge.

Austrian rear lines revving up eager to be released.  

Jaegers & Voltigeurs duel as the masses close west of Tegkwitz.

The centre, looking south east with Starkenberg centre stage. 

This about to get messy.

Austrian battery on the extreme right punishing a French battalion which has stepped out of line to threaten it.
Elite Miniatures.

Trying to make sense of it all...

Tegkwitz is ours!

Here they come...

French skirmishers doing their thing.

This large French brigade seems intent on taking Tegkwitz back for the Emperor.

Poles move up to attack the Austrian Advance Guard outside Starkenberg.

Saxon brigade in the front line attacking with a French brigade in support.

French Hussars holding that hill, just about! 

Westphalians with attached Portuguese Legion hide in dead ground.  

The 3rd Hussars resting their horses & regrouping after their exertions.

Bavarians in reserve with the heavy cavalry reserve behind the Emperor who's up that grassy knoll...
"Dallas loves you Mr President!" 

Fluff! Guns & caissons move up in the French rear.

The French reserve cavalry. 2 x 32 Dragoons, 1 x 24 Cuirassiers.  

Action on the French left.

Polish gunners hope to drive this lot back with canister. 

Polish voltigeurs wait behind their battery. 

Saxon lights deploying, these I are Von Polenz Chevau Legere I think?

General view of the centre from the French right.

Firefights erupt as the protagonists close the range.

Poles & Advance Guard face off west off Starkenberg. 

French rear table & reserves. 

Good overview shot.

French left and centre.

The fighting around Starkenberg - it's all kicking off just as we hit bedtime!

That's all for this initial post! We return to the fray next week with hopefully more action as this one builds up in ferocity. I might also include an Orbat for each side. 

Lastly & most importantly Tony Laughton might be about! I'm very happy to say I saw him to exchange bank notes for superbly painted Old Guard Chasseurs a Pied over the weekend, he's much better but still not his former vigorous & virile self. Get well soon my friend.

Please feel free to comment as usual. Very best wishes,