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Friday, 4 July 2014

Austrian Army - the Hello Magazine exclusive

We've been wanting do something like this for a while - basically do a photo shoot of one of our armies, possibly more Vanity Fair than Hello Magazine, but hey, why not? The old wargame magazines which inspired me to play big Napoleonic games often had big set piece photos, obviously staged, but nonetheless awesome to look at. Why couldn't we do something similar? No reason at all, just getting ourselves sorted out and actually doing it! Something like this maybe...        

This is just the kind of thing I was hoping for. It all worked out! 
The Finale on the Vissen game finished a five week epic of immensely enjoyable back to back Napoleonic gaming. But what next? Rich was away for a week and the table was clear so we went for it. We set up a stage basically, created a scene and put Austrian toys into position to make this look as good as possible! These pics aren't overly captioned, hopefully they just speak or themselves. Make a pot of tea, coffee or fave tipple and enjoy.  

Tony tries to get the angle just right.

The stage is set, let's take some photos...

Who's that guy? 
So that's how it looked, here are the best of the pictures.

There you have it. The models are from the collections of Chris and myself. There is a lot of kit here yet we have more Austrians to come, most notably three more batteries and four more cavalry regiments are still to be painted. There is some new stuff here too, the Grenz and more Uhlans, I'll get some close-ups and credits for you some other time.

This was a great laugh to do and I think we got a great result. We'll definitely do this again with our other armies at some point. I hope you enjoyed this rather self indulgent post, as usual fee free to comment and feedback.

Best wishes, Jeremy