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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Lutzen 1813 - Part 2

We return to the scene with the battle brewing nicely. The Allies have stormed Gross Gorschen and made advances everywhere. French reserves are arriving and building up for a counter attack. The Emperor Napoleon has graced us with his presence along with elements of the Imperial Guard. The Allies have however failed to clear their enemies from the flanks of Gross Gorschen and have decided to attack Starsiedel rather than assault and secure Kaja and Rahna before fresh Frenchies arrive. Had they stuck to the scenario deployment instruction the seeds of victory may have been planted earlier...
Dolff's boys see some action as the Leib Hussars charge the 5th Hussars between Kaja & Rahna.
Ziethens foot take the pain before charging the Saxon battery.

One of Yorcks battalions goes on the rampage and gets isolated after causing havoc in the deploying French reserves.

Saxon battery and the square of the von Sahr looking pretty before the proverbial hits the fan.
Some slacker waters a tree stump!

More of Marmonts chaps arrive at Starsiedel; four more battalions and a regiment of hussars.
Here Bavarians negotiate "Main Street" in Starsiedel. 

Yorck and Marmont's troops get to grips on outskirts of Starsiedel. Marmont gets his battery deployed on the heights and Yorck turns some Reservists to face the imminent arrival of Bertrand who is marching from the west.    

The 5th Hussars locked in mortal combat with the Prussian Leib Hussars.
It goes very badly for my Frenchman who are dispersed and... 

...my general is captured by Rich who poses with his trophy as the "Sun of Austerlitz" shines over his shoulder.

Local (?) Spanish women lament my loss too.

I reach for the bottle.
Good looking chap aren't I? 

The Old Guard move up to stabilize the centre. That should do the job! 

One of Ney's brigades nears the bridge at Erdorf near Gross Gorschen on the Russian flank.

General view of the Allied left. You might just make out that the victorious Leib Hussars who have retired to rest their mounts whilst the Brandenburg Uhlans have moved up to cover them.
They charged and routed a line of French Legere, next turn they will retire too, classic tactics.  

Yorck adjusts his deployment to face French brigades arriving from Bertrand's Corp. 

The rest of Yorcks boys begin to feel the building pressure from Marmont's French.

Tony turns his considerable tactical genius to the cavalry formation on the allied left. He'll soon sort out this muddle I assure you, he knows exactly what he's doing.

Sorry, my mistake, he cocks up and returns to his other muddle on the Allied right. Situation normal.
Follow the sign on the wall man - take the "Emergency Exit!"

By the time the Russians manage to finally attack the Saxon Grenadiers at Gross Gorschen French reserves arrive to swing the balance in their favour.  

Still at Gross Gorschen - the Prussians bring up a battery having stormed the town and just left of stage the Saxon battery has finally been cut down. The Prussian centre is doing well.

Old Guard cavalry ford the Flossgraben in the French rear.

West Prussian Dragoons pass a drunken Englishman crashed out in the sunshine.

Looking across the Allied left toward the centre.

One of Marmont's batteries takes aim at Rich's nether region (his bollocks!).
Good shot over the French right at Starsiedel.

The Brandenburg Uhlans looking relaxed.

Old Guard infantry and artillery march up from the rear.

Latour Maubourg arrives with the French heavy cavalry reserve Corps. This lot take ages to arrive, keep watching.

Grenadiers a Cheval of the Guard. Slightly grainy shot.
Front Rank toys painted by Tony Laughton for Rich. 

Better shot of Chasseurs a Cheval of the Guard, real beauties.
Once again Front Rank toys painted by Tony Laughton for Rich. 

The Mamluk squadron of the Chasseurs a Cheval of the Guard, also real beauties.
Bicorne Miniatures on Front Rank horses painted by Tony Laughton for me, these are on long term loan to Rich.   

Cheeky Prussian move across the French front.

Bertrand's lead battalions arrive top right, Yorck has arranged a rough/tough reception. 

The Hussar General with Hussars.

The Saxon battery at Gross Gorschen is no more, the von Sahr stand firm in their square.
Yet more drunken Englishmen crashed out in the fields. 

The Emperor with top brass. 

The glorious von Sahr are somewhat out numbered at this point.

The space in front of Yorck's 12lb battery was previously occupied by a battalion of Italians.
It seems they were allergic to canister so went home.
The battery is in turn charged by the top Italian battalion. 

Berg arrives on the Monarchen Hugel, Turn 10.
The Prussian battery isn't with them, its with a limber elsewhere on the table.

Winzingerode directs his troops as French numbers build. He finally deploys half a battery of 12lb cannon. 

Rich signals his extreme pleasure - things must be going well in the Allied camp.
Note the drunken Englishman on the chimney, these people get everywhere. 

Klux orders his battalions and battery to redeploy having captured Gross Gorschen.
Foundry infantry, Perry generals, Calpe limber, it all looks OK.  

Looking over the Russian cavalry on the left towards Starsiedel where Marmont and now Bertrand are increasing the pressure. An impressive scene indeed.

Lithuanian Uhlans, (Russian).
Wargames Foundry models painted by Tony.

Yorck's battery is in trouble, however the Lithuanian Uhlans will in turn flank charge the Italians.
Sometimes you have to sacrifice someone to unpick a position - these Italians drew the short straw.   

French Guard foot approaching Klein Gorschen,
I like to think they have green wellies on under those greatcoats to splash through the Flossgraben. 

The western end of the battlefield.
As predicted the Lithuanian Uhlans cut down the Italians once they had dealt with the battery.  

Latour Maubourg's Heavy Cavalry Reserve  

This looks great to me.


Oh yes.

Cuirassiers and dragoons stretched along the road.

French Cuirassiers lead the colume

Horse battery on the march, just the Hussar regiment still to arrive now.

Some of Ney's lads arriving on Winzingerode's flank.  

Boys with toys.

The end of turn 12 and the end of Part 2. 
We close off here for another week, both sides still have more stuff to arrive and we are about half way through the allocated turns. There is plenty still to come in this one, pop back for the rest, have fun out there, best wishes,