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Saturday, 27 February 2016

Bolt Action pick-up games & some Nappies for the Marauder Moments veterans

As mentioned before we have been knocking about with Bolt Action pick up games. These are good fun, quick, bloody and about as competitive as we get. List building is fun too, decisions, decisions! This post isn't a battle report it just shows off an aspect of our scenery collection you haven't seen before and some of our mostly unfinished Bolt Action forces. Right at the end are a few Nappy shots from the archives - ie unpublished batreps!

My Brits square off against French Tony's Germans. The terrain boards were made by Russian Tony and I years ago for
Rapid Fire and Flames of War. Note rusty Airfix pontoon bridge and toy bridge which needs painting.  
The colourful buildings are a pre-painted set available at some wargames shows for about £75 - a steal! 

The massive diecast armoured car is a stand in until the proper one is built.
Resin Churchill painted by Nigel Cox, not sure who makes them.
A Hetzer approaches... 

Snapdragon Studio ruin. These are gorgeous models from this now defunct company, luckily we have tons of it!   

More Snapdragon ruins, crate and craters. Warlord Hetzer from French Tony's collection.

Panning left to show off some more scenery...

and more of the same.

Elsewhere on the table. All the hedges and trees are Last Valley. 

This looks strangely empty compared to great mass of humanity in our Napoleonic games.

Random shot!
This pile of devices I confiscated from just two of my three daughters at 10-45pm one night!
All were in use simultaneously; i-con?

A different game. Here Rich's Russians commanded by Russian Tony take on French Tony's Germans.
Rich donated this army to us when we left - generous chap!

Scenery details as before.

This impressive JSII was built and painted by me! Just needs a coat of matt varnish.
The kit is 1/48th Tamiya. I've picked up a few more similar kits since.  

Rich built, painted and based these Russians who I think are from Plastic Toy Soldier Company, possibly!  

Snapdragon trench system with Warlord plastic occupants - they need basing Tony.
The tiny black counter is removed once the Panzerfaust in fired - clever.

Russians occupy the coal bunker, they will eat today!

Yet another game this time Tony's Russians against Nigel Cox's Germans sporting some very pretty kit.

This shot shows off the Snapdragon Bocage and hills rather well.
The diecast half track houses the objective which both sides must retrieve and carry off table to win.   

The Puma.
Quintessential German armoured car superbly painted by Nigel.
Here it provides covering fire as the foot sloggers advance. 

The PzIV, work horse of the German Panzer Divisions.

The Russians are all over the objective.

Russian HMG fires from a prepared position. 

Nigel's Germans in a trench and bunker system.
While some of these games were playing out I sat and built this KV2 model from Hobby Boss. It's not quite finished but very nearly, the tracks are a nightmare. I don't know how Hobby Boss compare to Tamiya but they are a lot cheaper so I picked up a KV1 as well. Also a BA-64 armoured car and two Bren Carriers from Tamiya. Next will be a T-34 and SU-122 from Hobby Boss. Might secure some other kit like planes and ground crew plus transports for an airfield scenario?      

JS2 and KV2 - same scale.
A few pics for the Napoleonic fans.

This is a shot from a May Day Bank Holiday game Chris and I played some years ago.
I  massed the French cavalry in the centre and simply went for it.
Result? Disaster!
Maybe one day I'll write up the whole game.

I'd follow these two to the gates of hell itself!

So would this lot!
There you go, that's it for now, a little bit of various areas. Next post might be a background chat about the Bautzen scenario which kicks off next week, thoughts and orbats, the table set up etc.

Have a great weekend. Very best wishes,



  1. You have some fantastic terrain pieces there - and of course the figures are superb too! Where are you guys based?

    1. Cheers Stryker, we're based in and around the Kingdom of Wessex! Mostly north west Wiltshire and Bath, very smug & cosy.

  2. Nice kit on display in the bolt action, Cobat against the KV2 will be interesting with the earlly German kit. Nice naps at the end.

    1. Yeah it's a beast, might end up as scenery if it's too tough.

  3. Love the paint work on the German armour - the Pz IV is lovely...

    1. You're right Nigel is a dab hand with brush and airbrush alike.
      Be good, jj

  4. Great pictures with splendid terrain, love the trenches...

    1. Thanks Phil, nothing beats a good trench!

  5. Love it, and I'm glad to have stumbled across your blog too: looks great!

    Whereabouts is your club, geographically?

    1. Greeting Admiral Drax.
      Welcome to Marauder Moments, we aren't really a club more a private foursome of like minded chums who play games together. We're based in the ancient Kingdom of Wessex near the Roman city of Bath - pretentious? Oh yes! Thanks for commenting, call back again, Jeremy

  6. JJ, the terrain was fab - I'm inspired to make some myself for flames of war