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Saturday, 5 March 2016

Could they lock YOU away?

Reasons for admission to the insane asylum 1864 to 1889... 

I'm afraid they'd get me but I'm not telling you why"!!! Afterall I have given up smoking...
What on earth is deranged masturbation? One of you must know.

What's your reason for admission?


  1. Fantastic - is this for real?
    For me it would be "Feebleness of intellect"
    Or possibly "Bad Whiskey"...

  2. Yes it for real - you couldn't make this up!
    "Bad Whiskey" could send you mad you're right.

  3. Brilliant! I think I could get taken for several reasons!

  4. Gunshot? Could I go to the regular hospital first, please?
    Fighting Fire? shouln't that be "Ignoring Fire"?
    Politics? If only...

  5. Maybe times haven't changed that much Stu?

  6. Wot, no 'obsession with wargaming'?!! A little early, of course...
    This is marvellous Jeremy. At first you laugh, then consider it a bit more...
    Such a range of reasons for people to 'lose it', or be admitted for 'losing it'. Amazing. From where did you source it?

    1. I found it amongst some family papers, my Great Aunt was committed for Domestic Affliction.
      Seriously though it turned up on the wretched facebook so I pinched it to share with you fine fellows.
      Have fun James, and stay "sane".