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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Peninsular "dust up" 2

The last Peninsular game was such fun that we simply swapped sides and re-rolled the random deployment areas - once again "Lady Luck" gave us a great set up so we cracked on with it.

Here we see the initial deployments, three allied brigades on the right, three French brigades opposite, note the French hussars right at the top of the picture...  

The French centre proceeded by swarms of skirmishers in typical fashion. The bigger brigade is mostly 2nd class allies stiffened only by the veteran Polish battalion. The smaller brigade is more solid and has the foot battery.
The French Division
1st Brigade
3 x 36 2nd class line, (Nassau, Westphalian & French).
1 x 36 Polish veterans
16 skirmishers

2nd Brigade
2 x 36 French line
1 x 36 Westphalian lights, elite
16 skirmishers
8lb foot battery, 4 guns

3rd Brigade
1 x 16 hussars, line

Small Portuguese brigade of two battalions, one 1st, one 2nd class and a foot battery,

By turn two both sides are advancing on the road and each other. 
The Portuguese Division
Light Brigade
1 x 30 Loyal Lusitanian Legion
1 x 40 Scottish Light infantry
12 Portuguese skirmishers

1st Brigade
2 x 30 Portuguese line
2 x 30 Portuguese 2nd class line

2nd Brigade
1 x 30 Portuguese line
1 x 30 Portuguese 2nd class line
9lb foot battery, 3 guns

The allied left needs to hold these French fellows while the allied centre takes out the French centre.

This is counter intuitive, allied columns attacking French lines somewhere in Spain!

The allied right has to consider the French hussars who have gone very wide, this diverts resources from the main attack.
See top right - sneaky devils.

The centres align for a fire-fight.

Hopefully this elite, 40 strong line can stop that nasty massed column.

Portuguese face off against Nassau and French lines behind skirmishers.

Portuguese foot artillery opens up on the Westphalian line beside the walled orchard.
This all rather pretty.

After an exchange of fire which saw the French come off worse the Portuguese charged, the French didn't like this and fled, this panic spread like wild fire and the brigade broke too dispersing the retreaters. Suddenly things looked grim for Chris.
Sad face. 

The centre and left seen from behind the allied line. The larger French brigade has fallen back with heavy losses and needs to sort itself out pretty pronto. 

The Loyal Lusitanian Legion are left to face down this lot as the Scotts took a pounding and retreated, happily rallying again.

Happily rallied Scotts light infantry. The French battery continued to punish this battalion all day.

The Portuguese move onto the road thereby taking their objective.
I didn't pursue the shattered French as my orders were to hold the road, I should have pressed the attack more vigorously.

The Lusitanians bang out a good volley which halts the two French battalions, but the eilte Westphalian Lights close albeit unformed. The Loyal Lusitanian's loyalty is found wanting and they retreat from the chargers.      

The larger Portuguese brigade consolidates its hold on the road as the French reform & redeploy.

This is an ominous development, those pesky French hussars have finally turned up in the allied rear.
They have taken a few casualties from the Portuguese battery at long range but are in reasonable shape.

Oh dear.

Oh dear, oh dear.

Oh deary me!

The allied left has been pushed back and is seriously out numbered.
The brigade's skirmish screen was butchered by French skirmishers in the vineyards and the Scotts marched off after taking 50% casualties - horrendous.   

Portuguese guns and closing fire from two squares failed to stop the French hussars...

...who charged straight through the Portuguese line cutting down two battalions before rallying safely behind the farm.
This was so shocking to the Portuguese that they ordered a general withdrawal ceding control of the road to the surprised French. We could have played on but this seemed like a natural break point and both sides were badly beaten up in what had been a nasty encounter, small but brutal none the less.

This was a losing draw for the Allies, both sides had taken big loses for a meaningless dusty track.

It was still early so we packed up and did a strange thing, we reorganised our scenery store room. Chris and Tony are fiends for buying enormous plastic boxes which is just as well as I am a fiend for buying and making scenery with nowhere to store it. We also made some decisions about selling some bits and bobs, ebay beckons.

Next week French Tony is back and we have decided on a Bolt Action evening. Russian Tony is already hankering for another BIG Napoleonic game which actually sounds like a good idea, I'll get my thinking cap on.

I hope you have enjoyed these two mini games featuring my fledgling Peninsular collection, there is more painted kit on the way so maybe next time they come out the forces will be more substantial.

Best wishes,



  1. Cracking game, Jeremy! The troops are all superbly painted. Love the huge battle and troop movement going on. Well done!

    1. Very happy to hear from you Dean, glad you like what we do,
      Best wishes,

  2. Looks great, and plenty of drama. too!

    1. Couldn't agree more Mr G!
      Lots of drama with pretty toys, exactly why we play!
      Fond regards,

  3. Replies
    1. Hussars put a smile back on your face more like! You love being on the winning side young grasshopper!

  4. Nice report - that looks like a fun game, with lots of lovely figures.

    1. Hi Lawrence, happy please, it was a fun game!

  5. Oh dear, oh dear...what a fantastic report with beautiful armies and photos...well done!

    1. Oh dear, oh dear indeed Phil! Thanks for the comments, best wishes,

  6. Impressive set up, and lots of lovely figures to drool over!

    1. Hi Ross, not seen yo here before, welcome on board. Had a poke around on your blog - nice work too. Cheers for commenting, best wishes, Jeremy

    2. Thanks for the compliment, I'm an aging technophobe but I'm getting there slowly! Thanks again for kind words
      Cheers for now Russ

  7. Another excellent report - well done - I really look forward to these. I am looking forward to the next big Napoleonic battle report!

    1. Another biggy beckons! Still mulling on the theme, it has to involve marching up and down though!!! Bolt Action this week, no clue what I'm doing with that though, we'll see.

  8. The boys really got stuck in this second time around didn't they/you? How'd those hussars manage the manoeuvre sur les derrières?! Wonderful as ever Jeremy, thanks.
    A BIG Napoleonic game always sounds good!

    1. Yes James those wretched hussars rained on my parade. All good clean fun! Call back for a biggie, might not be for a few weeks though so you have to endure some other games or new units even. Best wishes, Jeremy