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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

The Glasgow Regiment (71st Light Infantry)

You were promised updates throughout August of new units, well you'll get them; only a month late.

These fine fellows are designed to join my Portuguese brigades as a token British unit. I saw someone at Salute with these in a 40mm or 54mm skirmish game and was instantly inspired - i.e. I had to have some too! The blue shakos are apparently the usual bonnets with the lining folded up to form what looks like a stovepipe shako with the bobble on the top hence slightly truncated.    

The 71st in line outside a peninsular  hamlet.

I understand the Regiment was deployed to the Peninsular straight from America and consequently still in tartan troos!
It was only later that the boring gray overalls were issued.  Mine are in a mix.  

These are Elite Miniatures hence the collective animation I love in some of their ranges.
Critically the red, white and blue band on the head gear is cast on. Note drummer in reverse colours.   

I really appreciate the characterization on these, the 'burners' and expressions actually look Scottish, think Fraser in Dad's Army.
The officer looking down his nose from under his peak  is classic. 

The commander and colour party, note the piper behind the horse's head.
Also note the thistles on the simply superb GMB Designs flags, Front Rank tassles. 

Different angle to above, more of the piper and fab flags.

Final shot of all forty in line getting ready to 'give it' to some Frenchies.
I have ten skirmishers ready too but not enough bases, balls!
Maria pours drinks while Isabella sweeps up the courtyard.
The Credits
Elite Miniatures painted by Tony Laughton who reaches new heights all the time, Ladies by the Perrys and painted by Alan Tuckey of Blue Turkey - hi mate. GMB flags topped by Front Rank finials and tassels. Flat pack MDF buildings PAINTED BY ME from the internet with plastic roof tiles from Niles Tiles(?) I challenge anyone with some wargames pedigree to tell me where the green vines are from...  

Bad news & good news
Infact its all good really depending on your point of view. Rich has landed a new job - miles away. This is great news for him but means he moves away to search out a new club to terrorize - bad news for us. A consequence for we three last Marauders is that we don't have the use of his large collection of Brits and fairly hefty French too. I have over fifty battalions of French and French allies plus plenty batteries and cavalry so this is no stress. However we can't really do Peninsular battles with Russians, Austrians and Prussians! Never fear I shall get some Brits soon enough to bolster the Glasgow boys above, this just takes time and money. Playing big games with three is cumbersome so we have invited Tony Laughton to join us when he can so keep an eye out for him sweeping around a flank near you soon. So we are four again! With luck Rich will settle in to his new role but I know we'll catch up when ever possible, I've been playing Rich for 35 years on and off - he'll be back.

More to follow. JJ


  1. Very nice. I particularly like how animated the unit is.

    1. Me too, these sculpts lend themselves to busy close packed formations, not of th Elite range is as good so always check first! Cheers for commenting, JJ

  2. Look fantastic JJ - Great looking unit indeed. Pity about the loss of your gaming companion to shores afar however the chance to build up again is always an exciting...and expensive...challenge! Enjoy.

    1. Hi Carlo, like you say we'll get over it and build a new British army albeit a bit smaller! Be good, JJ

  3. Replies
    1. Kind words, cheers for dropping by to comment Rodger, cheers Jeremy

  4. Replies
    1. Yep Tony has done a fine job on these. Many thanks for commenting

  5. Very nicely done unit! But then I'm prejudiced towards Scottish units, can't you tell.

    My understanding is that the HLI actually pulled their bonnets down over standard shakos. But I can't recall from where or whom I got that impression.


    1. Cheers Jim, happy to oblige your prejudices. I guess either is possible, the point is they are a one of a kind unit which stand out a mile away, exactly how I like it!
      Cheers for commenting. Best wishes, Jeremy

  6. Aha, now I understand your cryptic comment from the other day, some new stuff indeed.
    Very nice Jeremy, I look forward to seeing the new British collection come together. Those big Golder style battalions really look the business.
    All the best

  7. A fine looking unit, and it is nice to see a range that has moulded on the band around the shako. Those tartan trews look great too - the only time I did this unit 30 years or so ago I did them all in grey. I might have to have another go at them after seeing this...

  8. Nicely painted Sir, nicely painted.

    You'll be doing Scots Greys next!

    1. Definitely want some heavy Dragoons but the bicorne touting fellas from the Peninsular in my case. Cheers for posting Jim.

  9. Nice work there, hope to see some reports of them in action soon.

  10. Hi Scrivs, great to hear from you. We've played solidly every week this year so yes a report is due, Tony may guest write the series of games he has orchestrated. Catch up with Rich on fb or whatever he's headed your way vaguely... take care mate, Jeremy