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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Civilians and Ecclesiastical staff...

One of the most fun things about table top wargaming is the spectacle of the thing. That's why we paint (or have painted) piles of costly miniatures, we build or buy pretty towns, hills, hedges, rivers, woods and marshes etc etc. Some people get as far as adding in members of the civilian populace around whose property our warriors fight. Some battles even attracted spectators! These extra toys are a bit of a luxury for most of us. However Tony and I spotted these on the Redoubt Enterprises stand last year as a set for a reduced price, we struck a deal thus, "I'll buy them if you paint them?" I said. "OK" quoth he! Deal done. These ladies with burdens or children and the Nuns on the march will look just the job in the background of some piccies in battle reports and photo shoots.

The models are well sculpted although a bit roughly cast with mould lines and some dodgy lumps here and there in recesses. Tony has painted them up to a good wargames standard, I based them.    

Supplying the troops or fleeing with whatever they can carry?

These look like refugees to me, mothers with crying children, the blond has barely concealed assets!  

Pitiful scene - the realities of war.

These might fit into our Peninsular games rather well. Not sure which religious order they are or what verse/ psalm the Bible is open on, possibly "Thou shalt not kill?".  
So that's another mini post with some new stuff. You'll no doubt spot these again in some breathless battle report at some point in the future.

Take care, catch up soon, Jeremy

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