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Friday, 4 September 2015

Napoleon and Staff vignette

Another new batch for you!

We have a couple of Napoleon vignettes between us plus a single Front Rank model Napoleon painted by Ian Staples which is staggering to behold. The other two are sets of Foundry tiddlers, one mounted, one set on foot with the grumpy bugger sat on a drum or something at Borodino. I wanted a more modern set of variable size hence the three separate bases which all work individually or as groupings depending on the space available and type of game.

The models here are all Perry sculpts and very nice they are too.
All brush work is by Tony Laughton, basing by me!  

Marshall Soult doffs his cap to Ali...

Ali very much keeps his turban on his head!

All that gold braid and silk pantaloons; fashion has lost its way of late I feel. 

The great captain looking a little worried possibly.
The horse's nose and muzzle are excellent.

General Staff and ADC. I love the pat on the neck this guy is giving his horse which seems to appreciate
his masters reassurance.
Great sculpt - very natural. 

The two side bases had slightly more basic paint jobs but are none the less striking.

The duty officer from the Chasseur a cheval of the Guard is a French engineer officer with a snazzy paint job.

Same group different angle, love the leopard skin here. The dappling on the horse hasn't blown up quite as well.

The whole ensemble from above right, this looks great.

Excellent picture in my view and about life size - I want to sit behind these and send my armies to victory! 
Just a quick one to keep up with my promise to post a pile of new stuff. Hope you like these and feel free to comment or follow if you're new to us here. Plenty more to come. Be good, JeremyJ

PS We have just started a three part game with some clever back ground & plotting on maps etc - juicey battle reports to follow I hope.


  1. hehehe..what do you mean "yawn" :o) The painted vignettes and basing look awesome!


    1. I know Phil it just seems to be up there with Waterloo batreps right now for saturation! This one is a bit special though. JeremyJ

  2. Very nice JJ, a lovely painted set!

  3. A big lump of command stand is just the duck's nuts isn't it? Even better if it has in-built flexibility as you have cleverly done.
    Lovely figures, painting and basing Jeremy and almost enough to maintain my interest until the real thing–more of your picturesque, entertaining and enjoyable battle reports!

  4. Beautiful! And very good positioning of the figures. /Mattias

  5. Fantastic command staff, great figures, paint job and bases!

  6. Many thanks gents! Tony Laughton will be very proud to read your comments on his outstanding paint job - well done Tony. More to follow over the weekend...

  7. He did a great job on these, and I especially like the leopard skin.

    1. He really did Lawrence, it's harder than one thinks to get that right, much like pea-dot cammo! Cheers for posting, JJ

  8. Beautiful painting and basing - lovely stuff!

    Best wishes


  9. Superbly painted and based. I have to say I'm also impressed at your photography - I would think the gloss finish of the figures would give off a lot of reflection, but it doesn't appear so.

  10. Cheers Dean. The camera is on my i-phone, all images are edited but not airbrushed or similar. Ni idea why there's no reflection though! Jeremy

  11. Very nice JJ - very nice indeed!!