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Saturday, 19 September 2015

Just too funny not to share...

Someone sent me this gem this recently, note the date.

 Different times!


  1. It has been ten minutes since I have read this Jeremy, and I am still chuckling. The thing I like about that era is the humour was so well written, without being obvious.

    Some of Churchill's quotes are priceless, especially the one about the Cabinet Minister and the Grenadier Guardsman arrested in Green Park.

    1. I agree entirely Lawrence! Anyone can be vulgar but it takes some intelligence to be witty.
      Now what's all this about Green Park?

    2. Here we go Jeremy:

      An aide brought Churchill the morning paper with the news that one of his Cabinet Ministers would have to resign because he had been caught having gay sex with a Grenadier Guardsman in Green Park the night before.

      Churchill said: “It was cold last night was it not?”
      The aide replied: “Yes Sir, only 23 degrees”
      Churchill replied: “Makes you proud to be British”

  2. Very amusing gentlemen...Gren Park??

  3. Superb, so understated and even more funny for being so.