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Monday, 30 November 2015

Sunrise at Bachwald Schloss - Day 2

We return to this blood soaked valley as the sun rises (aka many now illegal 100 watt bulbs). Both Field Marshall and Emperor have taken the opportunity of a dark night to redeploy their armies. I allowed formations to move up to six feet and some very damaged formations to merge if a good case could be made for it.

Here we look south west over the plateau. The French lines run from the bottom left and snakes up to the right. The allies have been driven back across the board except on the allied left where they have driven in the French right and got onto the French back board. By contrast the French have thrown back the allied right and centre.    

Here we see the French rear table. Blucher has put dear old Seivers on the extreme allied left - see top centre. Napoleon has kept a central position with the Old Guard and Saxon heavies. The remainder of the heavy cavalry reserve is facing Seivers with two batteries on that hill in support. Infantry are peppered around too.   

A rather gloomy shot over Seivers and thence over the opposed centres. The great arc of the allied line curving from right to left worries me - in order to attack the line must contract or attack piecemeal, it is a deep line and well supported but mounting an attack will be difficult. The French position is in fairness very strong and well thought out. Napoleon has created a classic self supporting central position. 

The Emperor with the Old Guard and Saxon heavies in a classic central position ready to go either way.
He has no more artillery reserve to play with though.

Blucher has breakfasted on gin and cabbage before issuing his orders - "Charge!". 

Here we look north west from the extreme French left. This position is anchored on this hillock occupied by the Saxon horse battery and supporting Piedmontese infantry and deadly Saxon light cavalry. The allies have lost control of the hamlet and have been driven off the plateau except for a tiny foothold with a Russian horse battery from the reserves clinging to the edge.    

The allied centre and centre left. There are seven allied brigades plus a Guard Foot Battery in this picture! 

Massed Russians get ready to go in again on the centre left.

The only two remaining Prussian infantry brigades prepare to go in again. 

Russian Guard cavalry in support behind the allied centre. Here we see Guard Uhlans, Guard Hussars and Guard Cuirassiers behind the small wood. 

This is part of the allied right on their back board after the previous days "setbacks".
Here we have the junior Russian Guard infantry regiments.
Left to to right are Finish Guard Jaeger, Guard Marines and Life Guard Regiment. Behind them are the remaining disgraced Russian  Grenadiers. Behind them is the Prussian light cavalry brigade, this is a combined formation  made up of the Lieb Hussars and Mecklenberg Strelitz Hussars under Jurgass...

This is another shot of the French left facing the Russians in the picture above. Note they are well supported.

Russian Guard 12lb foot battery on the allied left.
Elite Miniatures painted by Russian Tony for me, cheers my fine friend.

Massed Italians facing the Prussians - these are fresh troops, the Prussians are battered & bloodied but unbowed.

Some new toys & some close ups.

Every would be master of Europe would do well to have a Davout at his side, here is mine.
Front Rank models painted by Tony Laughton based by Chris.

My Westphalians needed a general, here he is with a very expressive face.
Front Rank models painted by Tony Laughton based by Chris.

Grand Duke Constantine commander of the Russian Life Guard Corps.
Front Rank models painted by Tony Laughton, brilliantly based by me.  

Italian mounted officer encouraging the line to advance.
These are Perry, Victrix and Warlord plastics beautifully painted by Barry Hill, cheers mate.
I  love the Milan Guard especially, see bottom left.
There is a large parcel of plastics heading Barry's way as you read this, so expect more pretty new toys next year.

Russian Hussars by Foundry. The front squadron has lances, the rear sabres.
These are by Russian Tony and are excellent, every one a character. 

An odd shot looking down on one of Russian Tony's Russian battalions. These are from the Dallimore School of painting, three shades over black and super neat. Note some models with gloves and replacement sword, rolled copper flags hand painted with Bicorne finials. There's a lot of  great coats here but this is a surprisingly bright unit. Lovely.  

Russian horse battery from the army reserve. Six 6lb guns ready to deal death. Russian senior Guard regiments are deployed in the dead ground of the plateau behind. These are Elite Miniatures models painted by Elite proprietor Peter Morbey and now reside in Russian Tony's collection who also based them.  

Here is a vignette for my embryonic but growing Peninsular collection.
We find a distinguished old Spanish chap happening upon a Senorita in her bath while her maid applies more soapy water or ass's milk. To see what he saw leave a comment, the more you leave the greater your chances.
Puerile? Of course! I can live with a lot of  hypocrisy ladies & gentlemen.
We are set for a massive ding dong on day two and I hope you can join us for some fun & games.
Best wishes,


  1. Very good as always JJ. Very much a Grand Manner game in every respect!

    1. Thanks Carlo - Grand Manner is precisely what we're aiming for!

  2. Nice shots of the re deployments JJ! This is going to be a meat grinder second day.
    The parallel curving lines look more impressive in the pics than I remember.
    Can the French hold? The Emperor has a cunning plan..........!!

  3. Fabulous overview of a wonderful looking table, thanks Jeremy. Day two is gonna be a ripper as Day One was. It's great to run a game into a second day isn't it? Take it to the full conclusion.
    BTW: can my comment please be put on the 'don't show' pile. The lady's dignity should be respected, as I'm sure it was by the Bueno SeƱor!

    1. "Don't show" duly noted. Glad you like this one, some pics being sent to you tomorrow James, have fun JJ

  4. Looking forward to seeing how this develops! ;-)