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Friday, 6 November 2015

Bachwald Schloss 1813 - part 2

Week two saw this one build nicely and more forces arrive. Game play was mostly maneuver with sides jockeying for position and testing each other. Space would be critical in this game as there is a lot of kit to bring to bare. Managing "time & space" is one of the most important and most interesting aspects of wargaming, ie will my toys fit into that space? And how quickly will they reach point x? Both are very easy to mess up and can be totally frustrating, especially artillery batteries! Aaarrrgh!

This report is a little lite on text but features some pretty piccies with captions to illuminate the action, hope you like it.

The Saxon division forms the extreme right of the French army. Six battalions, 2 batteries and a regiment of light cavalry, pretty powerful & pretty models too. The Saxon heavies are quite correctly brigaded with French, Polish & Westphalians.
Keep an eye out for the command vignettes and baggage train,  

Saxon battalions and baggage train, This is an excellent model so I'll get some close ups for you, the bull is ace.
Westphalian Cuirassiers in support.

Saxon staff officers with a massive barrel of schnapps. Old Foundry models dwarfed by the newer Perry sculpts. 

Saxon light cavalry regiment screening the Saxon division. Perry models painted by Saxon Tony!
Good long view down the table from the plateau.    

Cossacks screen the allied centre and left - pretty much all they are good for!

The allied centre thus screened! Strelitz moves forward with his light cavalry brigade.  

The centre of the allied main body looking very orderly, Yorck and Blucher centre left.

Here we see the most sedate cavalry action of the Napoleonic wars, even the Saxon brigadier has dismounted!
The Russians charged against the faltering conscripts caught at the halt and only just won, pathetic.
Both retired exhausted.

Brigade Horn marches onto the main table - straight up the road with malicious intent, LDW cavalry cover the flank.
Nuns get some gardening done in the church yard, unless they're digging fresh graves...

French Tony / Napoleon and staff occupy a grassy knoll from which to view proceedings.
Elements of Old and Middle Guard arrive.
Perry models superbly painted by French Tony. 

 A few turns later, mostly of maneuver, the Allies have made good ground in the centre and left.
A small unit of French lancers have been consumed by Prussian cavalry clearing the way.
Time to get the Cossacks out of the fray. Note limbered Russian 12lb battery and Prussian battery racing for the hillock.  

The Saxons reach the nameless village first and deploy to hold it and the plateau.
Brigade Horn diverts course to evict them. Russians move up in support.
Note top left, the camera shy Poles coming down the road. Much of the Prussian stuff is 2nd class muck.
Blucher directs Horn's assault.    

Great shot looking south west over the plateau to the allies rear where the supports are massing. The allied line has stolen a march on the French and made good going across the centre and allied left.
In the foreground the Saxons are in possession of the nameless village and are bringing up two batteries and the divisional baggage. The Saxon light cavalry are rallying in safe ground behind the hill. 

The Bavarian battery deploys as the French conscripts go into square for reasons which will soon become apparent...
As yet there is nothing behind these two small brigades, watch that space.

But first this rather busy but pretty shot. Russian Tony has wanted to use as much of the "fluff" we have as possible hence the civilians, baggage trains, vignettes and extras. I love the old Imperial eagle banner hung out to support the War of Liberation, something download from t'internet.    

Turn five was rather dramatic for various reasons. Firstly General Seivers rode onto the field with 96 cavalry on the extreme allied left. Regulars will know this chap and his massive cavalry brigade have a mixed reputation so watch what happens on this outing.
All that stands against them is the lonely 9th Hussars screening the conscripts who have formed squares, need they do so? 

Secondly on the allied extreme right general Olsuviev marched onto the field with  6 battalions of Russian Grenadiers. Regular readers will know this formation has a mixed reputation so what this space...
Great long shot over the Russian Grenadiers as they approach the Saxon lines. This shot looks north west towards Napoleon on his distant grassy knoll. Horn's attack approaches the nameless village. This is getting epic.
Russian Grenadiers march on in splendid fashion! Each battalion is proceeded by massed drummers!
These serve no game function but look fantastic, note Pavlovs on the right, mitres and all.
These are Foundry models from Russian Tony's collection - brilliant stuff. 

That closes off this update. We are have just finished turn 13 on week four so I have lots more for you to come. I just moved house so blogging isn't a big priority right now although gaming hasn't stopped - war waits for no man! Catch up soon I hope, best wishes, Jeremy


  1. Great looking armies, love the mass effect and the close up on your splendid figures. Fantastic baggage train, civilians and village, great additions!

    1. You're right those little bits make it "live".
      Be good, Jeremy

  2. Brilliant troops JJ, especially like the Saxon continent and the Russian grenadiers.

    1. Me too! I always wanted to something like those drummers but something else always pops up first...
      Best wishes

  3. Lovely stuff, enjoying watching this develop.

    1. You won't have tyo wait too long Scivs. Hi to all the guys from us, JJ

  4. It is looking like a fantastic game brewing - thanks for sharing.