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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Bachwald Schloss - part 4

This update only takes in two turns.
Two turns of heart break and misery for one side, lets call them "setbacks".

We rejoin the action as the Lithuanian Uhlans manage to draw a combat with the stationary 9th Hussars, luckily they are reinforced by the Russian Dragoons in the following turn which swings the tide and the French horsemen are destroyed.  

Good shot looking east from the French right. How this thin streak of piss is holding out I have no idea - the allies simply cannot break through this rubbish and now it seems there are Saxon cuirassiers arriving to support the French line - Joy. 

The remnants of the Broken Bavarian brigade which refuse to accept new orders. Their general must be furious.
The retreating Polish Cuirassiers flunked the rally roll so badly they actually dispersed!  

... yep he's still furious!

Looking south west from behind the Saxon lines as Horn and some Russians begin to finally make superior numbers count, they eventually capture the nameless village.

Setbacks on the allied left
The left hand margin in the picture above shows the rear of von Polenz Saxon light cavalry charging the Russian grenadiers. The Gods of War continue to favour these "Sons of Mars" as does the God of gambling it seems. Remember these are conscripts who have been in action all game, they are carrying casualties and are charging superior numbers of far better quality infantry frontally in formed columns - naturally they win routing their unworthy foes! This leaves about nine allied units to test for morale - every single unit passes - hurrah! Now the allies must test for brigade morale - the Russian Grenadier brigade fail and withdraw! What about the Prussian Guards brigade who gave support? They fail and withdraw too - bollocks!
With a series of French flank marches baring down on us, and this in the only sector of this God forsaken field we are doing even remotely well, this is a proper pisser and no mistake!
At least Blucher is standing right behind these two brigades so we have a slim chance to restore order before le merde hits le fan. I guess this is why we wargame, the "agony and the ecstasy". On we go.

Setbacks for the allied flank march
Action on the French right flank table as Duka intercepts infantry and light cavalry attempting to turn the Allied line.
French lancers have routed the Cossacks then ran down the Russian horse battery. The Russian  Novgorod Cuirassiers greased the French 5th Hussars but the Russian brigade still broke forcing them off table and opening the way for the infantry to attack the main allied body. 

The new Westphalian brigade with attached Portuguese Legion arrive as part of the massive French flank march.
These are Elite Miniatures painted by Blue Turkey for my collection - cheers mate!
Another French brigade arrives behind it. The giant killing Saxon von Polenz rest their mounts.

Broken Prussian Guards and Russian grenadiers trying to regain order on the table edge.

The allies once again attack the nameless settlement on the plateau, this is going quite well. 

Russians and Poles square up to each other - there's no love lost here.

Setbacks in the allied centre
Prussian cavalry from both Strelitz and Jurgass' brigades charge the French in the centre.
They achieve nothing except the destruction of their own Brandenburg Uhlans after frightful casualties.
Mercifully this doesn't cause any further grief .

To the left Tony sends in four Russian battalions to run down the Corsican line where the hussars have failed.
They cannot possibly fail! Or this a setback in the making? 

Close up of Foundry LDW cavalry & Calpe limber towing an Elite Miniatures 12lb gun.
Painted by Barry Hill, Perry Pender and Blue Turkey respectively. GMB flag.

Italian ox drawn limber moving up with a French battery as part of the reserve heavy artillery.
This is a very pretty model painted by both Tonys for me.  

The French are making space for their artillery in a way the allies have failed to do at all.
Here a Murawski Minis Polish battery fires in support of attacking French & Poles.
Guns, crew and Perry French caisson painted by Barry Hill.

Having destroyed the 9th Hussars Seivers is withdrawn to rest while the infantry are sent in to destroy this Nassau square.
The Russian horse battery proves incapable of breaking the conscript square despite endlessly firing canister point blank!  

Further setbacks in the allied centre
Eagle eyed readers will note that the Prussian battery on the knoll has gone.
Well, the nasty Bavarian battery took a pop at it rolling double 6, this caused a roll on the special chart with cruel consequences. The battery took an extra 2 casualties and rode off to the rear. A further result was that Yorck was slain in the confusion. His brigade broke and also retired leaderless. Bah!  

Here we see Yorck's broken brigade licking its wounds while they protect the body of their beloved fallen leader.
 Strelitz supporting brigade moves past it to take up the attack or plug the gap which ever it needs to do.  

Yorck's widow mourns.
Best wishes,


  1. That Bavarian General is one of my faves! Just to point out the Saxon Light horse caught an artillery limber that for reason known only to Russian Tony was slightly ahead of the Grenadiers "it'll be fine there JJ..." As we all know Tony never takes a backward step, and always has a handy 6 in his next roll...🤔

  2. Great battle report - as always. Not looking good for the Allies at the moment...

    1. Not looking good at all Paul - tonight's session will be crucial...

  3. Wonderful pictures and reports. Awesome stuff!

    1. Hi Jason, thanks for your kind words. Pop back for more soon.

  4. Excellent batrep, love the beautiful armies, the impressive mass effect, and the 'furious face'!

    1. That Bavarian chap is a classic, I picked him up at Salute ready painted and based, the face is so expressive it always tickles me.
      Take care Phil, Jeremy

  5. Wonderful work once again JJ.

  6. Oops, I think that I may have clicked two or three times. Can you delete please Jeremy?!

    1. I don't think you clicked at all James - there nothing to delete old chap.
      Take 2 required?
      Best wishes,

    2. Take two it is then!

      Simply superb once again Jeremy. Two turns, plenty of action, brilliant photos and witty commentary.
      Keep it coming, please.
      p.s. My commiserations to Frau Yorck

    3. Cheers James, Take 2 was worth the wait!
      I'll update this one as fast as I can for you, we play tonight...
      Best wishes,

  7. Almost missed this 1, lovely game and troops! It's all good fun when nothing goes to plan.

  8. Great stuff again Jeremy.
    Good to see the Italian circus troop in action, have they unlimbered yet?
    Looking forward to seeing if the allies can survive the next round tonight.