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Friday, 28 November 2014

Napoleon's hat...

I have had a very good year business wise so when pondering my "self-pressie" for Christmas I simply couldn't resist bidding on this iconic piece of head wear. Sadly I couldn't fly to the auction at Fontainebleau in person so my P.A. (Christina) kindly handled my phone bids - which she won!

It seems like  a lot of money for an old hat but hey - like Napoleon found out "you can't take it with you!"    

My new hat.

My new hats provenance, quite a tale. 
Naturally I'm bullshitting as usual - I didn't really buy it. I do have Wellington boots and an eye patch  a bit like Nelson's though! I also quaff Napoleon Brandy on occasion.

However I thought you might like to ponder the value of an old hat once worn by someone famous. He owned about 120 of these in his lifetime apparently. I like to think a fabulously rich wargamer now wears it whilst playing with amazing toy soldiers on a huge table somewhere out there.

Be good, JJ.  


  1. Jeremy, I'll send you a photo of me in me new hat. It fits quite well...

  2. They could have done a blog give away if they felt they would never use them again!

  3. Lol you meet several of those criteria already what with the massive table and beautiful models! :)