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Monday, 22 December 2014

Seasons Greetings & a caption contest.

Christmas caption contest, what have these fine dandies spotted?
No prizes just some fun. leave a few witty lines and call back.

This Austro Hungarian Insurrection hussar general is as close to posting a Santa shot as I will go.

Eagle eyed readers will note that the horses are asleep - Napoleonic Austrians!

Front Rank models painted by Tony Laughton for Chris who based them so nicely.
This has been an excellent year for our wargaming life in my view. We have just wrapped up our Eggmuhl refight, the pictures are all edited and loaded, once I write some words you will have it on your desktops in January.

Our Christmas game will be a DUST Warfare dust-up of Tony's devising so heaven knows what madness this will demand of us!

We have some big plans for big games and a mountain of newly painted toys arriving over the next twelve months - it'll all be right here for you in glorious colour...

Here's to 2015 and an amazing Christmas to you all!

Love and best wishes



  1. This command stand is gorgeous! And Merry Christmas!

  2. "Oh, I say! Is that ol' von Bauchschmerzen? We fought together back during all of that business in 1762."

  3. Have a good one, look forward to seeing new toys.

    No idea of funny caption though as my brains like a pound of mince.

  4. "Vie is our infantry is facink zis vay, ven ze enemy is zis vay?" Lovely command! happy holidays! :)

  5. Lovely figures - festively attired!

  6. "There's some more of these damn poppies on that stand over there. Where does he think we are, Flanders?"

    Great work, and I can't resist a caption opportunity.

  7. "Well, fack me, is that Rupert back from the colonies?"

    Merry Christmas Jeremy.

  8. "It seems mein herr that the French are behind us...!"

    Looking forward to more great games glorious photos and witty reports from you and the Marauders in '15 Jeremy!

    1. Damn, just noticed that Mark (chasseur) already had that idea! Oh well...