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Friday, 21 November 2014

From the archive - some lovely close-ups

I stumbled on these pictures by accident today and decided to share them here with you. Most are of Tony's Russian artillery and baggage train. Many have been converted, possibly all of them. The shots are a mix of his and mine hence the difference in lighting and texture. There are also some atmospheric shots of our Austrian collection which somehow missed the main Vienna Vogue post.

Have a poke about and see what you like.    

Wow Tony.

Hot work.

Gallic trousers - Warband Inferior?

Stop looking at me.

Cheery gunners on the march.

Smoking and drinking will...

... kill you.

Handsome devil.

Walking alongside the guns in the sunshine.

Horse artillery and Uhlan escort.

More horse artillery.

Russian baggage trundling through fir forests and villages.

Aerial shot of the above baggage.

Another aerial shot.

I wander what they wrapped up so safely?

A pretty scene.

Booze on the move.

Bringing up some Russian heavy metal.

Cracking the whip!


I love this, most of us put a grassy tuft, flock  and a rock on our bases, Tony models a whole fallen oak tree! 


Here are a few piccies of our Austrians which you haven't seen before.

Grenzers in line.
Elite Miniatures expetly painted by Blue Turkey.

Austrian artillery crews.

Schwarzenburg's Uhlans.
Foundry toys by tony Laughton for Chris, GMB pennants.

Two 48 strong Hungarian firing lines - FIRE!

Austrian LDW.
Victrix by Barry Hill for Chris.  

Hungarian marching columes.

Hessen Homburg Hussars.

Austrian grenadiers being a bit dodgy.

A walk in the country.


Taking pot shots from behind the tree stump.

Same again.

Enthusiastic jaeger officer.

Heading for home as the sun sets. 
That's all I have for you for now, hope you enjoy them as much as I did unearthing them.

Next week we begin a refight of Eggmuhl so some of these Austrians will reappear then.
Have fun out there, Jeremy.


  1. Stunning pictures, wonderful jod of painting and photographing....

    1. That was mighty quick Phil! Afternoon off? JJ

  2. Wow a bunch of terrific photos. The Ulhans are absolutely terrific, but the guy wiping his brow is my favorite.

  3. Nice bit of inspiration back to the british infantry for me! :)