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Monday, 29 June 2020

First game soon & not what we planned...

Marauder HQ may soon be available to us again - Phew & Hurrah!

We had planned a massive 10mm game based on the map moves we've made for the Cloppenhammer battle. However the remaining models are still with Barry - all painted just no sensible parcel service yet at his end. Instead we shall get the 28's out and have a big bash with big toys for a change. The Russians haven't have a spin for at least two years so we'll field them against re French & their various allies. 

These pictures are from older games to whet our appetite & yours...

Part of Tony's splendid & massive Russian 28mm army occupying a plateau in 1812 somewhere in Russia.

In addition to playing this game Tony & I have talked for ages about doing a Moscow Vogue photo shoot of his Russians & my Russian Guards - hopefully this will be just the chance to finally do it.   

Russian heavy cavalry reserve. Seivers with the dragoons & uhlans plus Duka with the Cuirassiers behind. 

Formidable looking 12lb foot battery on the ridge line.  

A close up of Tony's handiwork - he's a talented chap.

French foot battery pounds the elevated Russian positions as the assault begins - see left background. 

The Italian Corps assaults a different part of the Russian positions with artillery & light cavalry support. 

French & Swiss skirmishers clash with foot on the crest. 

Russian line & militia battalions defend Holy soil from dastardly invaders.

Russian defense in depth.

More defense in depth. They're literally queuing up to die in the meat grinder...

Brilliantly conceived skirmish line for Tony's grenadier division, drummers out front!

Duka's cuirassiers in reserve, here we see the Novgorod & Starodub. Both beefy 32 strong regiments.
Duka up front going bonkers barking at the birds...
Hopefully we can get this one up and running in July sometime. It's great to have an end in site & a plan to look forward to. With luck the absent toys will turn up at some point too.

I hope you're all safe & well? Very best wishes to you all,



  1. I love masses of heavy cavalry. Great photos!

    1. You can't beat nearly 200 heavies ranked up to spoil someone's day!

  2. Brilliant stuff JJ. Looking forwards to the haul of photos from the game.

    1. Me too Scrivs. Take care out there old chum!

  3. Replies
    1. It really is - hard to beat 28mm for the spectacle.

  4. Looking forward to seeing this Jeremy (almost as much as you!).
    Cheers, James

    1. Hi James, hope you're safe & well.
      There seems to be some excitement all round with this game doesn't there? No pressure then...
      Best wishes,

  5. Hi Jeremy, nothing like massed Napoleonics to stir the heart. Cheers Greg

  6. You have to get out all your beautifully painted 28's, how terrible! ;)
    Looking forward to it.