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Friday, 14 June 2013

Roll up, roll up! Gallery now open, admission free...

Having created the Gallery page a few weeks ago I have finally hung some pictures in it for you to admire, or not. The first batch are from a General de Brigade game between Rich with his Brits and Tony wielding some of my French and allies. The Brits are a rare sight in our games which is a shame as they are very pretty and play a little differently to the Continentals.

Click on the handy tab above to enter, have a wander and let me know what you think.

Here's a taster...

"The salt of the earth".

Best wishes



  1. Excellent work on these Redcoats! Best, Dean

  2. Excellent work. I liked the gallery section shots of the actual wargame.

  3. Wonderful paintjob, great looking faces!

  4. The gallery is excellent Jeremy. Great pics of some beautifully painted 'specimens'. No doubt you'll add some more beaut pics of figures from the Marauders collective collection in the not too distant. More photos of those Bavarians please!

    Thanks for adding this 'feature'.