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Sunday, 1 July 2012

July - the next 4 weeks

It's the first of July.

Tomorrow I have a medical examination meaning I can't drink alcohol today or tomorrow. Not so bad really assuming the results are OK , however I have a drink everyday after work or after the gym so we'll see how that feels. Thing is that drink often kills any enthusiasm to sort out any painting or basing etc etc OK I built a redoubt but that didn't actually take that long. I am arranging a big two day game at the end of the month and having all my stuff based up and looking great would really add to my enjoyment and the photos. I also just got back up to 14 stone, 90kg - this is poor really.

So what the heck is he telling us this for?

Good question and it deserves an answer. A good answer too.

Here's my plan, in no order;-

Knock off the sauce until the weekend of the game - 4 weeks away
Lose 1 stone in 4 weeks
Focus my spare time more sharply on life over these 4 weeks
Get some me time over these 4 weeks (I work 6 days per week in my 2 year old business)
Base and finish as much as possible in the next 4 weeks
Arrange the big game as well as I can for my friends & I to enjoy, over 4 weeks
Finish the big 15mm Lutzen 1813 inspired game we are playing in 4 weeks
Work as hard as I can at the gym for 4 weeks
Eat as sensibly as I can for 4 weeks
Have a massive party at my house for the big game players in 4 weeks 
Eat & drink what I want after the big game in 4 weeks

Get back to this - slim again

Enjoy cooking some good food

Exercise vigorously

and more vigorously 

Enjoy the sun - avoid conflict 

Enjoy some pretty games

Enjoy the sun and the family
less of this

less of this

none of that

a BIG one of these
and no scaring people shitless.

In 4 weeks time we see where I got to and move on!

So that's my plan. Lots to do, be good and have fun out there,



  1. Very cool, I have just posted about my own idea of cutting back on the ale and getting a bit healthier and your blog was at the top of my blog list with you planning pretty much the same thing.
    Great minds and all that!!!

  2. Good luck chap, I made a similar call last year and got shot of about 30lbs, fell much better for it.

  3. Gentlemen you inspire me from afar!
    Scrivs that's massive - how?
    Paulalba - we should keep tabs on progress as motivation.
    Basing as I type - 2 new regts of cavalry - looking awesome - they needed doing for month!
    Thanks for the support

  4. Little bit of exercise and a lot of calorie counting using http://www.myfitnesspal.com trying to limit myself to 1750 per day, does not work every day but certainly helps when you see how much you are consuming.
    I'm currently stuck at 13.5 stone though and not really making the next breakthrough.