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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Epic 15mm bash - Lutzen 1813 - Part 2.

So we return to the scene for part 2 of what I anticipate being a four session game over as many weeks. This time the captions tell the story - just seemed easier. It also means you have to read them though.

Part 3 may see the conclusion so call back. I want to do a post on the 15mm collection and how it works, show some close-ups and what's what.

As well as playing this game we're all frantically sorting ourselves out for the big two day 28mm game at the end of the month, we've settled on the northern half of Borodino. We'll do the southern half in September. We also feel that we could play Borodino as a whole on this board (16 x 6) in 15mm, that way we could play it over a number of weeks not cram it into a weekend.

Lost a few pounds, training hard, not a "dry" month though! The flesh is weak.        

A guest at Marauder HQ - painting maestro Nigel Cox puts in an appearance and delivers a battalion of Foundry Bavarians and a Bavarian foot battery - both are beautiful, just need to base them. Rich enjoys a private joke.

Bertrand's men on the right move towards the cavalry screening Chris's centre. The Old Guard begin to descend from the hill in the foreground. Chris consolidates his position awaiting the counter attack.  

My little part of the battle. Tony's French in the foreground need to cross that bridge to relieve Ney in the centre. Tony's guns batter away at my squares between repeated cavalry charges - despite mounting casualties everyone takes the pain and holds...  

Tony moves Ney's rear most division forward to support the line between Gross Gorschen and Klein Gorschen. In the foreground fresh troops arrive to support Constantine's Russian Guards who are about to be severely counter attacked by the French Guard off screen to the left. Batteries are limbered up and move forward. Three regiments of Cuirassiers advance to exploit the breakthrough Chris expects to make here. We now hold both of these villages.      

The Allied extreme left flank under considerable threat. Russian dragoons plus Russian Guard cavalry screen the centre from these fresh attackers. French cavalry general standing in as Russian.

Similar scene to above, more Russian Guard cavalry this time facing off the French Old Guard light and heavy cavalry. Six 12lbs deployed with more moving up. The storm is about to break.  

Rich and Tony make their moves - Chris unpacks a new box of 15mm resin Sherman "Easy 8s" from Battlefront who make Flames of War. He's pretty excited about seeing these...  

...imagine his disgust - Battlefront have packed the wrong toys!
That's surely the "Easy 8" Glass Dildo.

That's very poor service, he should complain. I expect he'll find somewhere to put it though...   

Tony's horse battery blowing chunks out of my squares as his chasseurs make another charge, two regiments of lancers lurk around waiting for their chance. My brigade of Austrian light cavalry snake through the infantry who they are supporting, if I can just change their orders to assault I can relieve the pressure on the two squares which are screening my battery.  

The centre. Ney personally leads a ferocious counter attack. His four formations now form a rough line ready to counter attack with the aim of retaking Gross Gorschen, Klein Gorschen and the line of the road between them. At the foot of the escarpment Jurgass still cannot re motivate his cavalry brigade after the loss of the hussars. They never rejoin the battle.     

A wider shot taking in the far flank as the lines are redrawn and prepare to close again.
Rich and Chris laugh at some bollocky comment one of them made about me - happy days.  

Dunno what to say about this.

Bertrand's troops screened by a light cavalry brigade, 24 Hussars, 24 lancers and 24 Chasseurs. Facing them are 2 x 32 Dragoons screening Russian infantry who are deploying to meet the threat to the army's flank.
Tony looking pensive - "is magic before or after melee in General de Brigade?"

Close up of the above, those two batteries look like trouble in the making.
 So, would a betting man back the 3 x 24 lights or 2 x 32 dragoons? 

Three regiments of Cuirassiers find a way through Russian infantry in various states of disorder to charge the guns and unlock the position - my council that such a move was suicidal fell on contemptuously deaf ears. 

From behind the French position. Yet another large body of Russian infantry arrive on the heights. Ney's position looks strong but can he hold on until Napoleon can break through.  Bottom right is one of two regiments of French Old Guard Lancers squaring off against Russian Guard Grenadiers.

Not the best photo - Guard Lancers led by their General charge Emperor's Cuirassier who counter charge. The lancers bowled them over sending them back behind the lines to restore their pride! The lancers headlong pursuit took them into a colume of Guard grenadiers - jeepers! Guard 12lb foot battery bombards the opposition while the Grumblers form up to attack, Guard heavies make their way down the hill. This is a battle in itself.      

Ney's personal bravery in leading the charge here briefly relieved the pressure  - however his ADC was slain in the melee, you know what happened - yep Chris threw a double in melee - we nearly had the bugger. Klein Gorschen is safely in my hands and very well supported. My battery is moving up to support the next stage of the attack when Chris finally orders the next stage. There are still a few fresh French battalions but most are badly mauled and the whole front is wobbling precariously.   

The charge of the Military Orders Cuirassiers. My council proved every bit as wrong as Battle Front's mail order dept! Chris sailed through the wall of canister and supporting fire, rode down the battery and whacked into the infantry behind who were also cut down; horses blown they fell back to tea and medals! The ensuing Brigade Morale test broke the formation which fell back. With three regiments of Cuirassier waiting to surge through the hole things looked chipper for Chris and a little desperate for Tony.    

An ugly attempt to demonstrate where everyone is.  
A Pajol's Light Cavalry - B Bertrand's infantry - C Marmont's infantry - D Guard heavy cavalry
E Napoleon with the Old Guard Infantry - Heavy cavalry reserve - G Guard light cavalry H Ney's four divisions - I Houflay's infantry and a light cavalry brigade.
1 Dragoons - 2 Chekov's infantry - 3 Guard cavalry and artillery - 4 Guard infantry - 5 Molotov's infantry and cuirassiers - 6 Tchukov's infantry - 7 Nuriev's infantry - 8 Jurgass - 9 Austrian light cavalry - 
10 Raevski's infantry - 11 Barclay's infantry - 12 part of 5!   

All of the troops for the game are now on the table - nearly 4000 15mm models. I say all but that's not quite true, we still have three sotnias of roving cossacks who have yet to appear, wonder where they've got to?

Rich admires his handy work just before we head home after a fine nights gaming. The Guard, Marmont & Bertrand forming a great arc across his front with four regiments of heavy cavalry regiments racing on from the left.
He's got all the toys in place - next week he'll have to do some actual fighting or Tony goes down screaming!   


  1. Exciting stuff! Looking forward to the rest of it.

  2. Glass what! Why you @*%ker. Looking good who told you what was happening? Can't wait for Sunday and Attack at Devizes.

  3. Looks great JJ, I know you are planning the close ups, any chance of some lower angle shots to show sections of the battles. Your larger shots of the game work really well and give an over all idea of the game however I would love to see some closer pics of the battle to make out the troops. Game looks just brilliant!!!

  4. Good stuff - every little bit deserves praise but the very lame hill. :-)

  5. Did you guy get to finish the game? What was the result and any photos?

  6. Thanks for the feedback - sorry for the delay. Our gripping finale will follow soon...been on hols in the Kingdom of Naples - home of Murat - bloody lovely!

    Lame hill? How so?

    Be good, JJ

  7. Looking very very nice! A huge and beautiful table...