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Saturday, 10 December 2011

A rare occurrence indeed!

These piccies are rare in that they show off some of my Prussians actually winning a battle. We set this one up along the lines of the Battle Report in Barry Hilton's "Republic 2 Empire". Basically one side has to attack a farm and nearby road junction - nothing spectacular so we added some more cavalry and shoved in a rudimentary arrival schedule for them. Naturally we used our preferred General de Brigade rules.

Monsieur Hilton's scenario involves French v Dutch Belgian types which we don't have, so we put my Prussians in the attackers role and Rich's French on the Defensive.

Brigade General Steinmetz directs Line and Reserve Regiments against the blazing farm. It is stormed with ease.
Wargames Foundry toys, GMB flags, Snap Dragon farm.
Lovely formation this! Combined squadrons of  Landwehr cavalry with flags and pennants flying.
Foundry with GMB banners.

The illustrious Mecklenburg Strelitz Hussars tearing along at a cracking pace.
Calpe castings.

Perry plastic Prussians with GMB flag, sadly I forget which Regiment - Doh! 

Mecklenburg Strelitz hussars run the gauntlet of French skirmisher fire - wow that looks good!
Calpe cavalry - Perry and Victrix voltigeurs. 

With the farm captured the Prussians set about clearing the woods of pesky Frenchman.
Foundry versus Victrix.

General Jurgass oversees the attack of his cavalry brigade. Calpe Hussars lead the way, Foundry Kurass in reserve. 

Terrified Marie Louises huddle in square as Jurgass' troopers close in for the kill.
Perry plastic french easily hold off Calpe and Foundry cavalry - Bah!!!  

Yorke takes pleasure in his "oh so successful attack" whilst his staff enjoy some saucy captured French engravings.
Original Perry sculpts from the Foundry range.
I have a win! Possibly more to do with Chris's help than my tactical judgement. Rich and Tony never really got back into it after the farm was stormed and a battery cut down by the Landwehr cavalry which opened up their flank - get in!!! Late arriving French cavalry were never going to rescue the situation.

Not many piccies but some good ones I think. Another fun nights gaming. Planning something bigger for our annual  all day Christmas bash. I'll keep you updated.


  1. Nice units and pics.

  2. Cheers Paul, some of our 28's are nearly as good as your 15's!!!
    Glad you're enjoying this, call back for more sometime.