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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

The Great Escape...some photos

I came across these photos from an evening game which was largely inconclusive. However it did involve some interesting ideas; a lot of Skirmishers and  high proportion of cavalry plus staggered arrival of reinforcements and Dragoons on foot with remounting rules. Quite a lot of odd stuff on a T shaped table with two French forces trying to catch a retreating Russian force with baggage - quaintly old skool in many ways. We never really finished, due to time constraints, but I did get a few good piccies for you. Enjoy!


Russians taking pot shots from the tree line - lovely bases.
Foundry toys by Tony. 

Russians in line. Note replaced sword for the officer - clever Tony. 

Russian infantry herded into a sheep pen - easily done. Docile muppets! Foundy by Tony. GW fence by me. 

What fool wrote these crazy orders?

"Mr Crazy Orders" from behind. More superb basing by Tony. Foundry and Perry toys messed with by Tony.

Jaeger and Voltigeurs skirmishing over farmland. Nice day for it.

These boys mean business. Rolled copper flags - hand painted. Foundry by Tony.

The vodka and pies are marched off table to avoid the greedy French. Baggage by the talented Tony.

"You shall not pass!"
Perry plastic dragoon outnumbers Front Rank cossacks. By Tony, Dragoon by Barry.

"Follow me - I know the way"
Foundry Russian Cuirassiers - all swords replaced. Predictably by Tony.

French heavies milling about. Perry Plastics by Barry Hill.

Very busy shot. French heavy division deploys; Saxon horse artillery, French and Saxon heavies in the background.
All Perry twins stuff from my tool boxes - painted by Perry Pender, based by me.

More of the same division a turn or so later, five cavalry Regiments spreading out. Russian heavies approaching in the distance and some cossacks pissing about too.

Lovely command group seen enjoying some summer sunshine. I these come from Tony's "enamel" period.

I hope you enjoyed a peak at a few units in action. As I said the game fizzled out without the motivation to finish it in a second week. Happens sometimes, but always good to get the toys out for a run and a chat.
cheers - warpaintjj

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