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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Cameos and out takes!

As our last game produced so few reasonable photos and only a cursory batrep (see last post) I thought I'd post a few in game shots from pre-blog days. Self indulgent? Sure is !

Not just a good panorama of this half of the table but also comedy gold.
Check out the lone figure bang in the middle of the photo...
He's the Russian General of Artillery pointing at his intended target from in front of a 12lb battery.
You just know his last words were...

Caption pointless - pic says all.
Unless you want to post one for a laugh? 

Prussian artillery caisson by Calpe miniatures painted by Prof Pender.

The Mecklenburg Strelitz Hussars, what a name.
Calpe by Prof Pender again.

"We're not playing anymore - goodbye!"
 The Brandenburg Uhlans pictured in a rather leisurely rout. Calpe by Prof. 

Superb picture of the Death Wish Hussars/ Death's Head Hussars in headlong charge.
 Note pig ugly mutt along for the ride. More Calpe by Prof Pender.
This has been fun, maybe we can do some more sometime. Cheers for looking,

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