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Friday, 23 September 2011

Atmospherics and updates

We played the Battle of Maida 1806 yesterday. I took the scenario from one of  the useful General de Brigade scenario supplements. Basically  we wanted to have a look at British Lines versus French Columns. Always hard to judge mid-game and taking care not to read too much into results from extreme dice rolls. Seemed to work out so far. Two things arose, are skirmishers a waste a time? Is it fun running at gun lines? Time and experience will tell I s'pose. We'll reserve judgement till we play some more. Forgot the camera again so these are a few shots from other games.

The locals get the "heck outta dodge" as the war comes to town.
Tony's baggage - really help set the scene, not sure whose models.   
Slighty out of focus but I kept this one for the smoke we laid on for the firefight  in the centre.
Russians storm this walled farm against stiff opposition.  
A French flank attack by Rich's forces including Guard Lancers, Dragoons and a heavy foot battery took the pressure off this attack and  prevented the Russian Grenadier Division supporting the center from exerting any influence at all. 
Rich executed his attack with uncommonly cool style; building his position from its late appearance on the table edge, through strong deployment, preliminary bombardment and then finally an irresistible assault. Great to watch, hard to emulate. 

Sometimes you have to ride over to your subordinate and yell at him in a foreign language.
Much like the English speaking citizen abroad who's misguided mantra is;
 "speak slowly and loudly - they'll understand".
Russian General of Heavy Cavalry Count Duka - Charging endlessly in the "fog of war."
How atmospheric is that? 
Just received a text to say the Army of Bohemia has arrived!
Always good to hear about reinforcements for the allied side, the War of Liberation needs all the help it can get against the tyrant Bonaparte. These are plastic Victrix Austrians supplied to me by the ever affable Steve at Triple Helix Wargames. He and Charlotte run this excellent wargames venue just outside Westbury in Wiltshire. Their place is host to our twice yearly Flames of War competition "Child's Play", the fluffiest show in town! Also for our big all day and weekend games, hi kids!
So, this weekend Chris and I  need to pick up 22 boxes of Austro-Hungarian critters and get gluing. With luck they'll all be painted by 1813(2013) along with the cavalry and artillery, skirmishers and general staff. Once I build a few I'll have a chat about them and our plans for the Army of Bohemia as a project.
Stock market tip - invest in white paint shares, we need gallons of the stuff.    

Thanks for looking, warpaintjj

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