Welcome to Marauder Moments - a chronicle of the Mortimer Street Marauders; the games we play, the rules we use, the figures we play with and the scenery they fight over. Hope you enjoy these pages and maybe call back to catch up with our escapades.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

What I'm hoping to get out of this...

Basically I want to show off the models and games we play in words and pictures... egomaniac? Maybe! I read and re-read the blogs by "itinerant wargamer" and "garage gamer", "wargames holiday centre", "Saxon dog" et all. They are really inspiring blogs and a large part of why I'm doing this. It's also as a reminder of the fun times we have and the desperate scrapes we get into.
I'd like to introduce our armies and commanders, maybe cover some modelling stuff, rules and bitch about what ever I want! We play various games such as Flames of War, ( less now ), Homemademaraudermechwars, Stargrunt, and some other bits and bobs like Space Hulk. Kinda dropped out of Ancients but could dip back in. Right now it's Nappies all the way, and Nappies as big as we can make it. Oh yeah - "Wings of War" is cool too.    

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