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Tuesday, 9 August 2011

A few of the Russian commanders

Our resident Russian general is Tony. Unlike the rest of us he paints virtually all of his own toys and he's got very good at it - all that practice I s'pose. The generals are always special because each is a vignette and most are converted too - a head swap here or a new arm there, sometimes a complete rebuild. Have a look and judge for yourselves. Tony's army is vast and getting bigger, maybe we'll get some battalions and regiments photographed as well, until then you'll have to spot the endless ranks of green in the battle reports.
"Follow me. Charge!"

This fine fellow is General Sievers with representatives from the three cavalry regiments in his formation, two regiments of Dragoons, one of Uhlans (plus two horse batteries which not by Tony - shock horror - explain another time). The trick here is that within the dynamic movement of the group they still interact and tell a story. Nice paint job too.
Peeping Tomsk.
Now this is the artillery general. He presides over the two 6 gun 12lb batteries which keep the French honest. His name escapes me unless he is Kutaisov, the guy who was killed at Borodino leaving the reserve artillery without a commander for hours. Either way this is a spectacular model with squabbling assistants to complete the scene.
Count Duka was not in Star Wars.
General Count Duka leads the Novgorod Cuirassiers. This lovely regiment is 32 strong with pink facings and look terrifying as they thunder down on you. Sadly Duka has proved an uninspiring leader as they seem to mess up almost any encounter they get anywhere near. There's another regiment to paint if he dares to! This vignette conjures up the dashing desperate nature of the headlong charge - or flight. How that wheel got buried I don't know it looks excellent.
Seemingly unconcerned about the dead guy. 
An infantry general, one of a few Tony is doing to lead the numerous formations he has, sadly I don't know the name, here another'
You're supposed to be over there...
Lastly for today we have a religious icon with bearer and attendant priest. These two are almost always stationed attached to the numerous Opolchenie battalions which in turn are attached to the 12lb batteries as "guards", draggers and diggers. Naturally they never fight as no one has yet had the guts to attack the guns!
"God save the Tsar, it's a Tsarist regime."

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