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Saturday 11 November 2023

Dive into some scenery while waiting for GdA 2.

The much anticipated, & seemingly endless wait for GdA 2 got me thinking about the scenery collection we Marauders have for Napoleonic games in 10mm. We've not played Napoleonics for ages so I revisited some photos from old batreps on this blog. I really enjoyed going through the pictures, so much so I decided to gather some into one place & share with anyone who's interested.

The scenery is all 6mm, the model soldiers are 10mm. All buildings painted by me, models by my chum Barry Hill. As I said this post is about the scenery not the model soldiers, although there's obviously a few buzzing about! Have a poke about & comment if you like what you see.        

Big resin lump casting which is a fantastic model.

I was rather intrepid about painting this but once broken down into logical processes & steps it all worked out for the best. 

The complete village with grazing sheep et al!

French lights disport in front of a sweet little village.

I didn't paint this one, Liliput Lane I think, Chris will know, he loves this church for some reason! 

Muddy streets - yukky!

That old house at the end of the road...

These little farms look great & act as good anchors for a flank without having to be occupied - we don't allow that for small places like this one.

Got to have a few good hills. Don't forget real hills are really big!
This one has lots of space on the top. 

Hilltop town on a further hill top!

Walled farm, fields, copse, roads, a good hill & the ridge!
Must be early in a game as so few troops!   

Features like this could dominate a 28mm game, but in 6/10mm - no problem.

Good dense woods.

The distant beer bottle is 1-1 scale mercifully... hic.

Austrian chevau legere canter past a small farm.

Agricultural area with large granary in the back ground. 

These rocks were intended for 28mm games but add a certain drama to the landscape if correctly placed. Here they are remnants of the river eroded cliff sides as the waterway carves a new landscape.  

Medieval Abbey on the high ground above the river valley. 

Storm clouds gather on our bucolic scene. 

French & Austrian brigades approach each other.

Plenty of room for loads of models & plenty of scenery whilst leaving real "space" to maneuver.  

Austrian reserves arrive behind the font line. 

So pretty but always left on a flank or corner. How would you ever play it! 

Vineyards - super cute. 

A few feet of deployment - the board is 17 x 6 feet.

I think was the first one I painted in 6mm as an experiment. It worked!

Tree lined roads look amazing & draw the eye. I hate the light blue shutters despite painting them! 

Lovely fortified manor.

Same place, different angle. Excellent model. 

Vineyards around a walled farm. I could live here happily.

Or here. 

Great little scene in some forgotten corner of the battlefield. 

An Austrian Cuirassier Division deploys onto the field from reserve.
Five regiments, each of 32 models, in two brigades. 

Austrian brigade of Dragoons, three regiments. 

Our Austrian CinC model with "pointy" advisors.

There you go. Hope you enjoyed that little foray down at table top level.

Gaming wise we still pay weekly but not Napoleonics. This exercise tells me I miss that a lot! We've been playing pick up games of Ancients, 30k & await the release of Warhammer Fantasy again as well as Legion Imperialis - Epic 30k to you & me!When GdA 2 drops we'll get back into it & maybe even post a report for posterity.

Very best wishes,





  1. Superb terrain, buildings and units...What a great looking game!!

    1. Cheers Phil. These are from various games over the last few years. Thanks for commenting, Best wishes,