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Friday, 4 October 2019

Three boys visit the seaside - Marauder weekend away...

Last weekend three of us enjoyed a long weekend in sunny north Devon. Sadly a couple of others couldn't make it, such is life. We have talked about doing this for years & I have never really sorted it out until now. A wealthier branch of my family have a large holiday home in the area & this weekend it was free so off we went.

Our plan was to relax, talk wargames, talk more wargames, base new models & tart up some existing 10mm Nappies. This involved adding coloured company pom poms to 720 French line & Tony painted white crosses & squares around nearly 300 Polish Czapkas(?). In addition we played board games, watched the rugby world cup plus the 2003 epic England win - God Bless Jonny! 

We walked & climbed, ate a huge amount & imbibed a small amount too...

There is even a fine pub two minutes walk away - what more could one ask for?

The bay at the bottom of the garden path.

Tony mans the coastal defenses. 

An abandoned hotel - in the past we have broken in & explored, not this time...

We rose early to catch Wales rout Australia in the Rugby World Cup.

The match & our newest board game.

Blood Bowl is a great laugh & thoroughly engaging; my Skaven team need painting, time to deploy contrast paints. 

We ate well too...

Chris in his camouflaged outfit scouts out the scenery. 

This is so very Middle Earth. 

Beware of ambush by Wargs Tony!

Those are our tracks in the shingle - it's a hell of a climb up that cliff though!

The bay with the tide nearly out - dramatic stuff.
We have been so productive that our next game, now underway, will feature over 20 new units.
This was a real "tonic for the jaded" & very much worth repeating sometime.
Thanks to both Chris & Tony for a really memorable weekend - I love you guys! 

Our next battle report is due up any day soon so pop back soon.

Best wishes,



  1. Beautifully rugged country. Thanks for the photos!

    1. It really is, reminds me of smuggler country in the bad old days, Lorna Doone etc.
      Best wishes,

  2. Lovely photos as ever Jeremy. A marvellous weekend away with mates. Great to see the 'essentials' in the shopping trolley.
    The less said about the 2003 world cup, the better. Let's talk '84 shall we?! There seems to be a pleasing move back to a more mobile game.
    Looking forward to more of your marvellous Napoleonic games.

    1. You're right about the game... I see England defeated Argentina again, Wales is my real team with England a close second although my real rugby love is the Lions Tour, they tour South Africa next year. Maybe one day I'll fork out the £££'s to go along on a Lions tour?
      Our next game is afoot, Prestento/Perrini, first two turns in the bag, initial report being written.
      Catch up soon old chum,