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Saturday, 9 February 2019

Austerlitz at WHC - the wider picture (everyone else's Battle).

Here I present a collage of pictures of the rest of our Austerlitz experience at the Wargames Holiday Centre. As I was engrossed in my own attack on the Pheasantry for over two days the wider events are largely a mystery to me. To summarise, the Allied centre advanced briefly, was checked, eventually ground down and thrown back ceding the Pratzen Heights. The Allied right flank was Rich's command, he played the role of Bagration. His attack battered away against Gary's French with seemingly neither able to effect a breakthrough. Chris arrived on Saturday night so only played on Sunday, his intervention with the Russian Guard helped stem the French onslaught on the Allied centre and right, a small contribution but an important one.   

Rich & Tony survey the scenery and deployments at Austerlitz.
Amongst the following shots are a few of the players too, the people you play with make wargames fun experiences or not! Not kidding...
Rich/Bagration's command and the Allied reserves on the back board.  
Massed French cavalry reserves, no doubt under Tim's command if know him at all well.
There is only one order in Tim's rulebook... CHARGE! 

French dragoons. Mark Freeth tells me these are some of the oldest models in the WHC collection, presumably vintage Hinchcliffe?   

French foot on the starting line. Connoisseur I think.   

Connoisseur French dragoons, one of the most dynamic sculpts in the range, maybe one day...
Mine are beautiful Perry plastics but I'd still like a big 32 strong regiment of these.

Russian horse battery fires in support. These look pretty ancient to me, not sure who by which I find frustrating.
 I suspect Hinchcliffe. 

One of the excellent farms or villages we fought so hard for possession of.

Tony's command waiting to attack.

The Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.
Tyrannical ruler of all continental Europe.

French dragoons advance on their left against Bagration.

Early moves, the two Daves are already coming to blows!
Note pointy finger.

Nice long shot of the opening moves.

French light cavalry rushing to the centre. One of Tim's early attempts to rush the Allies.

French troops in reserve on the rear board.

An empty fountain.
A falling tree.
Men fight & die. 

Great character shot of half of the French team opposite my positions.
Chris looks very worried about the oncoming Russains; Soult is a picture determined concentration; Napoleon having the time of his life ordering pizza for 66,000 hungry soldiers.

The other half of the French team, Tim counting dice & factors while giving it the gangster look; Martin seeking answers in his hair and Gary looking elegantly relaxed as if posing for a portrait. 

I kept photographing these dragoons for some reason! 

French heavy cavalry reserves winding up for a charge.

More of the same just closer in. 

With 27 feet to play along someone still felt it necessary to do this... 

Top level international diplomacy at work!

Tony's attacks going in - possibly the high watermark for him.

Tim's light cavalry with horse artillery support move up the threaten the Allied centre.

Tim outlines his plan to Napoleon. 

Tony thinks it's all "thumbs up".  

The French left getting a "surge" on. 

This is actually looking quite rosy for the Allied centre, so far...  

Rich seems to doubt Gary's combat factors - rightly so!

Russian battalion "pre stain on the grass" as Grenadiers a Cheval thunder down on them - bugger.

Poor Kollowrat's Austrians contributed precious little I'm afraid.

The right & centre hotting up as armies collide.  

Chris & Soult scrutinize every move Dave makes - with good reason! 

French light cavalry are repulsed in the centre.

Gary advances on Rich. Except the faltering guys!

Rich advances on Gary!

A fine spectacle - heart warming stuff.

Happy gamers.

Pensive gamers.

Austrian heavies make an appearance. 

French heavies with horse artillery arrive in the centre - there maybe trouble ahead. 

Old Guard Grenadiers & Chasseurs arrive to make my day.

Tony is driven back into this hollow where he pretty much remained!

It doesn't get much better than this - playing massive Napoleonic battles with your mates.

Austrian & Russian Uhlans in reserve.

French Old Guard storming the heights.

The Allied centre in crisis.
Looks amazing - living the dream man!

What remains of Tony's command in the hollow!

Middle Guard alongside the Old Guard. 

Middle Guard closing with Austro Russian forces.

Austrian heavies charge the Old Guard - too little too late.

Rich & Chris seem to have won the massive cavalry battle against Gary but failed to get a breakthrough. 

Frencg & Austrian heavies face off in the centre.
The Pratzen has fallen. 

Last shot of those Asutrian heavies at rest - idle goons! 

It's all over at Austerlitz. 

well not quite over yet...

That's it for Austerlitz I think, there may be a few shots of the players and a few vignettes so maybe not, I'm not sure to be honest.

We are playing loads of 40k right now, reliving our teens I suppose, we're also painting Titans...
There is a big Napoleonic game planned at Chris's instigation, I'll plan something big to report on for you I promise.

My next few posts may well be stolen moments from the past, basically pictures from early Miniature Wargames magazines, a trip down memory lane for some and an introduction to some others who haven't seen those before, who knows.  

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  1. Superb gallery of Napoleonic vistas and commentary again Jeremy, thanks for posting!

    1. My pleasure mate! I just snap away constantly & with luck enough shots come out well enough to share after editing, take care,

  2. Haha. Love the pic of Dave flicking me the V

  3. I lucked out - right place right time!
    Glad it tickled you Simon!
    Best wishes,

  4. That looks fab Jeremy. Played with these figures a few times myself when they lived in Scarborough.

    1. Hi Scrivs,
      Goodness knows how many hands have maneuvered these models?
      Hope all is well in Scrivsland? Best wishes,

  5. Great stuff! I may have to get myself to the WHC to get a fix! Definately living the dream! :-)

    1. It is a "fix" and also a good kick up the arse to get your own collection moving along I find!
      Maybe see you there one day Robert, best wishes,

  6. Amazing! Wish I could see in person!

    1. It's a long way for you but you'd be surprised the amount of overseas who visit.
      May be see you there one day, best wishes,

  7. Hi Jeremy
    Great set of pictures, brings back happy memories of some of our old visits to Scarborough.
    Love some of the vintage figures, they have stood the test of time.

    Dave T (Cobs)


  8. It's awesome! I am inspired by all these photos.

    1. It's hard not to be isn't it?
      Glad you enjoyed it,
      Best wishes Jeremy

  9. Beautiful figures, impressive tables, everyone having a bloody ball and a beer at the end. What more could one wish for?!

    1. Hi James, I can wish for very little more - just for good health to enjoy more of the same!

  10. The best figure is the one in the last picture, just to the left of the Stella Artois glass , 😎 .