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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Heavy Metal Ecstasy - an update from the terrace. (And caption crude contest!)

You were promised more posts and here is the first plus a clue as to what comes next in my very crude caption contest right at the bottom. If you don't like contemporary Napoleonic pornography don't scroll to last image as it may offend some readers.
New French artillery minus one horse battery which I forgot about! 

Last Christmas I bought a pile of 28mm French batteries from Elite Miniatures in their excellent Juletide deal. The guns went to Alan Tuckey the crews to Barry Hill along with lots of other bits. They are all back & nearly finished. The bases need a dry brush and the crews a touch up here & there after the long journey by post. They are near enough done to share now. In addition there are two horse batteries painted by Pete Morbey of Elite Miniatures, one of line, one of Guard. The line battery isn't shown as "numptey boy" here forgot them...  "dum-di-dum, toodles". Anyway that's 25 new shiny guns for the French army. We needed some Old Guard artillery and I am selling two older batteries, one Front Rank one Perry and replacing them with these Elite Minis which I vastly prefer.
Line foot battery in full dress.

Same again.

Line foot battery in campaign dress.

Guard horse battery with 6lb guns.

Same again but painted by Pete Morbey this time.

Busy gunners. Love the officer directing fire - very dynamic.
Barry Hill did the crews, Alan Tuckey the guns.

Pete Morbey's battery again.

Two 12lb Old Guard foot batteries.
"My beautiful daughters."
N. Bonaparte.  

Crews busy loading.
Overhead shots.

Two Guard Horse artillery batteries. The top one is by Pete Morbey of Elite Miniatures.
I might muddy the wheels on the other batteries and highlight the metal work too - dunno yet. 

Two Old Guard 12lb foot batteries. One battery is loading the other firing.
These should dish out some pain!

Two line foot batteries, one in campaign dress another in full dress, I suspect one has 6lb guns the other 8lb pieces.

The whole lot minus that elusive horse battery.
Impressive, even if I say so myself.
A hint at my next post and a caption competition.

Crude & vulgar image follows.

Look away now if you feel the need too... 

"La Garde recule?"

So that wraps up this update. Please feel free to comment, the painters & Marauders always appreciate it. Once dry brushed these new toys will make their presence felt on the table top.

Catch up soon, best wishes,



  1. Monsieur: 'En avant!'
    Mademoiselle: 'A la Baïonnette!'

  2. Sgt Rene demonstrates classic FIBUA tactics......enter from the rear and smash the back doors in!!

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