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Saturday, 25 March 2017

Mini update & a taster...

My spartan approach to posts this year is nearly over.

We have a ton of new toys to feature here just as soon as we have based them & done the flaggy goodness! These include Old Guard, Middle Guard, new batteries, Prussian Guards, Westphalians, Vistula Legion etc even some Peninsular Brits & the first Spanish.

Game wise we are mid way through our second attempt at Dresden this year on our new mat!

It's BIG & it looks like this...

Chris in winter dress surveys the scene from the Austrian lines towards the fortress city of Dresden.
He looks taller in the flesh.

Here's a sneaky preview of the new French batteries mid way through basing... in the kitchen.

Twenty five new guns & crew from Elite Miniatures, top draw big bangers.
Basing in progress - a detailed reveal will follow.
That's your lot for today. I am writing the Dresden report today & basing tonight so there's more to come.

Best wishes,



  1. Impressive stuff. Looking forward to a report on Dresden. /Mattias

  2. Yes!!!!

    Looking forward to more helpings of your high-glucose 28mm ocular confectionery- blood sugar levels be damned.

  3. French battery looks great!
    Best Iain