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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Some piccies to fill the void in real posts...

Hi there, Tony L has been unwell for a bit, I had a break over half term & Chris & Russian Tony didn't play one week. Result, too few posts for you. We're a few battles ahead of the blog campaign wise, here are a few pics taken towards the end of the latest encounter, enjoy!

The Austrian Advance Guard formation here props up the flank.
Soon it'll be the Rear Guard.   

Part of the French centre attacking, mostly Westphalians with Italian Guards & Wurtemburgers.

More French allies storm forward, Poles, Nassauers & Italians. 

Corsicans emerge from the village they captured. I dearly want their sister regiment, the Chasseurs de Po.   

The French right attacking with heavy cavalry in support.  

The Austrian Advance Guard doing fine things , light troops & cavalry battery conducting a great rear guard. 

Stipzics Hussars - splendid fellows from Foundry painted by Tony L.
Chris, they need a flag on that pole! 

Grenzers from Elite Miniatures, painted by Blue Turkey.

More Grenzers, details as above.

Austrian general staff have to divert troops to keep adoring women at bay from the Archduke.
Painted by Tony L.  

Austrian ADC dashing off with fresh orders.
Perry minis painted by Barry Hill.

Murawski Poles painted by Barry Hill, GMB flag. 

Perry minis Nassauers painted by Barry Hill, GMB flag.

Seems Stipsics Hussars can fight, here they put the Westphalian Cuirassiers to flight, aaaargh the shame!

French Dragoons move up to block the rampant Austrian Hussars. 

Tony D wishes Tony L a hearty get well soon... 

... as does Chris.
Hopefully more meaningful stuff to follow.
Tony L - Get well soon my friend.
Best wishes,



  1. Great looking figures, lovely french dragoons en masse.
    Best Iain

  2. Lovely piccies Jeremy.

    All the best to Tony.

    1. He'll appreciate that James; the old buggers not in rude health...

  3. Lovely movement trays - who makes them, please?

  4. The Westphalian Cheveauleger are for sale. I sell mounted for £12 per figure. The set is the 24 figures you can see. I will have the Guard finished in a few days.

    contact me if you are interested modartis at gmail.com