Welcome to Marauder Moments - a chronicle of the Mortimer Street Marauders; the games we play, the rules we use, the figures we play with and the scenery they fight over. Hope you enjoy these pages and maybe call back to catch up with our escapades.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Tony's handiwork, enjoy...

Tony is a pretty prolific painter but sometimes needs a break from endless Napoleonics. We play some Maurice and are dabbling with the fashionable imagination fluff. Here is Tony's first battalion for his new Maurice army. I think these are pretty special, he'll love some feedback, attention junky!  

Front Rank toys looking more animated than many of their castings suggest.

"Four flags man? It's against God!" 

Best wishes till next time. Jeremy.


  1. Lovely Lace War troops there, Jeremy. Tony has done some fine work on these.

  2. They look wonderful! Very nicely done.

  3. Just love that unit, awesome job Tony! The flags work, great period feel.
    I'll be redundant if he keeps this up! lol

  4. It is awesome! Plumbic lace))) Looks like a beautiful diorama. These figures really is interesting to play.

  5. Tell Tony that they are rather splendid. We play Maurice quite often.