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Saturday, 21 February 2015

Battle report - Clausel's counter attack at Salamanca

Too few posts this year so hopefully this will catch up a little. There are also some new toys on display with fine close-ups for your edification.

The height of the action - intense volley fire and billowing smoke between the Arapiles.  
This game is a scenario from the General de Brigade Peninsular book. Clausel's Counter Attack depicts part of Salamanca. Marmont has been carried away with wounds and much of the French army is destroyed or fleeing. But the British attack on the French held Greater Arapile has been repulsed and French General Clausel steps up to see if he should use his fresh brigades to either cover the withdrawal or attack the recoiling British.

Naturally Clausel goes for glory so we have a battle to fight. You'll have to buy the book for the orbats and maps. What follows is a photo report with captions to narrate the action, enjoy.

French mass opposite Anson's boys atop the Lesser Arapile,
Stubbs' Portuguese on the plain the more redcoats out on the right flank.  

The brigades of Clinton's Division in reserve await Wellington's word to advance.
I could hopefully count on Hulse and Rezende in support of my left wing.  
We wanted a fairly small game with smaller units in small brigades and this just seemed to fit so here we go hombres ... hence the 24 strong battalions and fragile brigades.

French around the Greater Arrapile get ready to attack the Lesser Arrapile. 

Stubbs with his Portuguese regiments.

The British right realize that the French are going around their right flank while pinning them to the front...  

The French "pinning" force advance on the Allied right. 

French allies make up the centre, French Dragoons move off to redeploy.

The French left flank marches.

French Dragoons and the"pinning forces proceeded by skirmishers - great bases!

Gunners target the yellow flag of the Portuguese battalion in the distance,

The protagonists approach each other.

French Dragoons dash off to support the centre left.

The columns of the "pinners" move off.

The flankers going wide around some scrubby rough bits.

Lights engage as the columns close with the line.

"Wait till you see the whites of their eyes m'lads!"

The volley was a killer - forcing the French back, even the British lights dropped a few Frenchmen.
The initial contact went very well for the Brits, the "pinning force was repelled but time had been lost as the French flankers made good ground and deployed their battery to soften up the British right.  

Time for some close-ups of some new toys...

British RHA command - a dashing pair from Rich's collection, Front Rank by Tony Laughton I think.

Elite Miniatures Portuguese with Front Rank mounted officers, GMB flags.
Painted by Tony Laughton.  

More of the same.

Stubbs with Portuguese officer. Elite Miniatures painted by Tony Laughton. 

Another Portuguese battalion - usual details as above. 

This chap's expecting rain I think.
Yet another Portuguese battalion - details as above.

Bavarians in Spain? Foundry toys, GMB Flag, Tony Laughton artwork, GMB flag. 

Same as above.

Wurtemburgers from Falcon Miniatures, Barry Hill brushwork, GMB flags.

Victrix Brits on the Lesser Arapile. Barry Hill painting, unsure of the flags.

Victrix Italians with GMB flag, Barry Hill artwork.
Back to the battle...

Hulse's Brigade in reserve beside a pretty walled farm and walled orchard - ah bless! 

Hulse and the farm again.

The French flanking force is nearly in position, the Brits have little to defend the end of the line here. 

French battery bombarding the British flank. Front Rank models from Ian Hinds vaults.

Those French flankers again!  

A single battalion of redcoats marches to prop-up the extreme British right. 

Skirmishers trade shots near the rough.

Great looking line of redcoats nicely based by Rich.
Victrix models painted by Barry Hill, cracking flags from....? 

French generals in fancy dress,
These are Front Rank and Perry Miniatures with Tony Laughton's artwork slightly spoiled when the gloss varnish went yellowy - bah! 

French and their Allies move up.

The French centre.

French skirmishers hide behind a tree stump.

Those Italians again, lovely flag too.

The lines close. Note the French have turned the extreme Allied right.
Clinton's brigades have arrived to help stem the tide. 

Prepare for a fire fight Messieurs.




Yet more FIRE

Oh dear! Tony's French pinning columns have cut down a British line - hence that big hole.
It looks bad for Rich's right as the French flank attack goes in stage left...

The French flankers attack.

The British right flank creaking.

The Peninsular in a nutshell?

The French dragoons get ready to exert some pressure - they are the only mounted troops on the table.

The "tight little buns" battery fires on Swiss skirmishers. 

Lovely shot across the firefight. Reserves line up to plug gaps or exploit breakthroughs.
Highlanders proxy as Portuguese.

Down on the front line.

One Portuguese battalion retires after high casualties. 

Columns approach line - classic stuff.

The view from the Lesser Arapile.

There are plenty more Portuguese step forward to fill the gaps.

A wonderful Highland battalion. Victrix toys painted by Barry Hill for Rich.

I love the bearskins, real feathered texture. Amazing tartans too,

As the firefight intensifies we close for the week to resume next week.

Same point - different angle. This actually looks like a real battle.
Next week the boys will finish this one off without me as I am away on wedding anniversary celebrations. hopefully someone will take some piccies so we can get a result for you.
Hopefully you've enjoyed this one, feel free to comment and pop back.
Best wishes,


  1. Beautiful work JJ - yours and the lads Penînsular collections very much look the part! Look forward to Part Two soon.

    1. Hi Carlo, looks like I'm away next week so hopefully the boys will take some pics and report the vinegar strokes for me.
      Thanks for commenting,

  2. That looks great mate, no idea you were collecting British too. Hopefully the chaps get more pictures.

    My wedding anniversary next week too, 25 years for us on Tuesday!

    1. 25 years is a proper celebration dude!
      I think we are 18 years...
      Rich has been collecting Brits and European Allies since day one and I have been quietly adding Portuguese ever since.

  3. Just poured a G&T, then got your text!! Perfect way to start a Saturday evening!
    Brilliant set up, could feel the scorching heat coming off the barren terrain. Loved the pics of the firing line and all that billowing smoke!! Another fine game.
    Enjoy your anniversary celebrations J, hopefully the 1st Battalion Fusilier Grenadiers will be fully mustered for your return.

    1. Thanks Tony, you need to join us for one of these games sooner or later just to see your toys in action.
      Thanks for your input into this ongoing project,

  4. Great figures, but that's Salamanca, not Talavera

  5. Je suis un twat!
    Thanks Mike, completely dropped the ball there phew!
    Duly edited before I cross post to forumland.
    Glad you liked otherwise.

  6. Great stuff JJ, love those Portuguese dishing out the volley fire, and those Highlanders look fantastic. I'm still two years away from doing Salamanca, but thanks for the inspiration. Oh and happy anniversary for next week.

    1. Hi JJ, glad you enjoyed this one! The speed you paint Salamanca might come around quicker than you think...

  7. Nice report and photos. Gaming the French in Spain is on my to do list.

  8. Fantastic stuff as usual, fat becoming my blog of choice.


    1. Cheers Robert, how's your project coming along? Have fun, JJ

  9. Great read JJ, can't wait to finish it on Thursday. I'll take a load of photos for the eminent and glorious French victory.