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Thursday, 27 February 2014

The fate of the man who went wargaming on his wedding anniversary... tips for life.

Where do you think you're going boy? 
It's my wedding anniversary today so I am not wargaming this week. Not even on another night as we Marauders normally manage to arrange. I am a good husband. So good in fact that I am taking Madame Warpaint to a smart Cotswold country house hotel to remind her of why she lets me go wargaming every other week of the year, i.e. she can't stand prolonged episodes of my close company.

Cost v benefit analysis results;- no brainer.  

Normal service will be resumed soon. Needless to say I love her dearly and this is all meant in jest x.


  1. Happy Anniversary

    Looking forwards to your next report - if you survive.

  2. That's the look the missus gave me when I suggested I could make the spare room into a games room!!!! Lol One day I may be allowed a games shed.... Looking forwars to the next instalment :)