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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

6mm land

Tony Laughton, my friend and brushman, asked us along to spy on a 6mm game he and his chum Andrew were playing. We Marauders have been contemplating this scale for some time, possibly flogging the 15mm stuff to take something truly vast in proportion if not height! No other bugger could come along so along I went on my own on a rainy Sunday morning. I had really no idea what to expect but was very pleased with what I came across, namely this Franco Prussian War encounter;-  

Prussian Corps artillery reserve comprising six batteries. Loved the limber and caisson teams, one per battery. 

Prussian infantry make their way to the front line through fields past hills and villages, Note the tiny dice on the command stand, smoke denotes firing in the bombardment phase I think.

Close up of Prussian battalions. That farmer needs to get those boulders out of his field.

The terrain is that Kalistra stuff I think. The plan seems to have been to have some kind of hex system in play but Polemos came along instead. Still looks good though, except some hills look pretty steep!

Looking down the line with French troops in the foreground.

Close up of the road and farm with an orchard by the battery which is obscured by smoke. The road is way too wide for me but then these things are always an issue in wargaming and really as long as it looks good I don't really care.

More French heading for the Prussians. Up on the hill are four regiments of French heavy cavalry ready to charge down against Prussian veterans behind a mile long stone wall, suicide?

My time machine takes me back to this Roman Legion complete with scorpions and Auxiliary foot and cavalry. Pretty awesome in 6mm, they had matching Gauls too including very many chariots. Might have been Celts actually - fancy trousered loons either way.

Time machine whips us forward to Napoleonic times; here we have French, 16 battalions with supporting artillery and coffee mug for scale.  

Sans coffee mug.

Davout - a tiny ting marshall.

Most of the battlefield. This was a 6x4 foot and has space for a corps level game plus more. Both sides with reserves on table and space to move, extraordinary really, especially for we 28mm nutters stuck with acres of scenery and nowhere to move about! 

Parting shot of a Prussian Division complete with artillery and organic cavalry. One of my 28mm battalions occupy more space than this and as for the cost! Food for thought...
Thanks to Tony and Andrew for allowing me a glimpse into their gaming world, this kind of thing is always a privilege and is much appreciated gents.

What did I make of it? Frankly it was inspiring. But then much in wargaming is inspiring and the temptation gene in we wargamers is weak and must be resisted. If we venture into 6mm it will be on a vast scale I am sure. Jerry Elliott's forthcoming rules for huge Napoleonic games might suit this scale and my megalomania - who knows? As I didn't play in this game and didn't really pay much attention to the gameplay I can't comment on the Polemos system although Tony an Andrew seemed to enjoy themselves and that's exactly where it's at really isn't it?

More details at their blog;-


Hope you enjoyed this little excursion, more to follow soon including some 15mm WW2 and plenty of 28mm Nappies of course too.

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  1. Hi J. Big thank you from Andrew and myself for turning out on such an awful day. Glad you enjoyed the spectacle of our 6mm game. We ran out of time so finished as a stalemate, but felt it was building up to a big meat grinder of a finish as the reserves started to be deployed. This was my first venture into the "joy of 6"; it definately requires a shift in the gaming mind set, but once there the bug bites and the possiblities are simply staggering. We are working on expanding the ancients, have the Sudan covered, and have started the Napoleonics. Waiting in the wings we have Marlbruns and Crusaders!!