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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Building more redoubts

I needed a little project as endless basing was losing its attraction and I can't see to paint anymore really, hence the army of skilled mercenary brushmasters who help me out for a fee. However I like building stuff so two more redoubts seemed like a good idea. Lots of horse and musket games need such positions so they can always sneak in somewhere.

Having written a very well received post on building the Grand Redoubt for our Borodino game I can only refer you to that if you want the "how to" stuff as I used the exact same method and materials for these two babies - obviously smaller place mats! There's a link to the tutorial post near the bottom of the page under "popular post".

My two new redoubts finished and ready for action. Might dry brush the grass a little otherwise done.

The interior showing the firing platform and hasty plank work.

Aerial shot - resin gabions. 

More hasty plank work detail - very pleased with these!

Russian horse artillery manning the position.

Same battery different angle.

Size comparison alongside the Grand Redoubt which takes 6 x 12lb guns and has wolf pits.   

Same again different angle.

Same again with dead French people on the parapet. 
This project was great fun and remarkably quick to complete. Like the Grand Redoubt modelling project it is vital to let everything dry between phases – this just means being mature about it rather than charging ahead and messing things up.

Now we just need a scenario requiring two spanking new redoubts and that’s no hardship, any ideas?  


  1. Those look great- I probably enjoy modelling buildings and terrain more than I do painting miniatures, and enjoy seeing how others do it.

  2. Glad you liked these Robert, there is something satisfying about "creation"!
    Best wishes

  3. Well done Jeremy, they look great and most imposing when filled with Russian guns.

    One of the many possibilities for a scenario could be sections of the Bautzen battlefield, they were all over the place. Perhaps the attack on the Kreckwitz Heights, although that is Prussians rather than Russians?

  4. Cheers James. Bautzen looks fascinating, I have read about it numerous times buy struggle to find a good scenario source with sensible maps and orbats, unless you have one?
    Best wishes for the New Year,