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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Some new faces

As seems fashionable with many other bloggies I will periodically put up pictures of new additions to our collections for general critique and approbation.

First up are a couple of goodies from my collection, namely 1st Westphalian Cuirassiers and a new General de Brigade vignette.

General de Brigade

Perry Miniatures General and ADC.
Unusually these are painted by me, mostly!

The general was originally painted by Barry Hill. I forgot I had him until he surfaced from draw/bits box. I then tidied him up, then tarted him up a bit more.  

The ADC was painted one evening by me. He seemed the ideal chum for the other fellow.    

 The ADC has a wonderful sense of action in the sculpt - he really looks like he's mounting up.
I love the red reigns and sword grip, it maybe artistic licence but hey - it's my model!
Based by me. 
      1st Westphalian Cuirassiers 

Special thanks to John Tyson of the General de Brigade forum for the info on the flags - I duly downloaded them from www.warflag.com and hey presto! These snaps were taken before I put a leaf shaped finial on the top of the banner shaft. Thanks again John - God bless you.


These are Perry plastics with plumes stuck on from the Perry plastic hussar set.

Various people worked on these. Perry Pender did the basis for the riders - then I tarted them up.
Tony Laughton did the saddle cloth and roll-ups.  

I did the horses and bridles.

Basing by me to match my collection.

I only have 16 in this regiment. The reason for this is that, like my Saxon heavies, I will add another regiment, the 2nd Westphalian Cuirassiers also of 16, but in blue. If the game dictates that I need the big 32 strong formations I 'll combine them, if not I have two smaller regiments giving some variation. If I had more cash I'd have all of them at full compliment. 
So there you go - some new faces. Hope you like them, there's plenty more to follow.

On the gaming front we have played more games in our Fords of Missen campaign which will follow here soon. Best wishes,



  1. Those are lovely!
    Cheers, Simon

  2. Nicely done. What make is the staff officer leaping off/on the horse. The other chap looks like a Perry but I don't recognise that one.

    1. Hi Paul - he is Perry, from the Nassau Range. I pillage most of these packs for interesting officers & ADC's, once painted no one seems to mind or even notice. Glad you liked them.

    2. Thanks, I thought he was a Perry but did not recall seeing him from any of the French packs that I have had, I'll have a look at the Nassau ones now for a bit of variety.